Sound & Fury's "Doc Faustus"

comedy · sound & fury · Ages 13+ · United States

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JULIA BURNETTE uncertified reviewer October 04, 2023
The play is a parody mash-up of Faust and every Western movie ever made, with song, silliness, and sexual innuendo.... full review
PAULINE ADAMEK certified reviewer June 10, 2012
Doc Faustus by Sound and Fury trio. Review by Pauline Adamek. ***This review first appeared on *** Christopher Marlowe’s classic Elizabethan drama, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, is re-imagined as a Western comedy of errors. The hilarious ‘improv’ trio Sound & Fury™, Richard Maritzer, Ryan Adam Wells (the Man in Black) and Patrick Hercamp as John Faustus, are best known for performing Shakespearean and classical satire. They act, they sing, they harmonize beautifully. They play guitar and kazoo and create all sorts of comedic nonsense, gamboling about the stage and riffing off each other, sometimes ducking backstage or behind a screen to execute a lightning-fast costume change or step out in drag. It’s hi... full review
BOB LEGGETT uncertified reviewer June 10, 2012
As fans of Sound & Fury will know, this production was a CF. But that's what makes it funny. My wife stated "I've never laughed so hard before." It is witty, intriguing, fun and a train wreck that must be experienced to be truly enjoyed. The boys of Sound & Fury have done it again, missed sound cues and all. It is such a departure, at least in content from their professional Faire ventures - NOT (who am I kidding). It is what it is - a funny romp bringing the classic tale of Faustus to the modern (at least old west) times. I laughed, I cried, I threw up in my mouth - it's a winner!... full review
RICHARD ADAMS uncertified reviewer June 16, 2012
RICHARD ADAMS, The World Socialist Website Christopher Marlowe’s classic Doctor Faustus gets the full vaudevillian send-up in three-man Sound & Fury’s set-in-Texas production of Doc Faustus. This is a show whose street busker spirit often feels closeted by a black box. Maybe the trio’s pre-show rap advisory was right: this would be a lot more fun if the audience were packed like slim jims and seriously intoxicated. Hilarious in spots, excruciatingly painful in others, the kind of free-form loosey-goosey shtick and patter that might work on the Venice Boardwalk, often seems forced and awkward in the formal setting of lights and (deliberately? missed) sound-cues. When played tightly, the show rocked; when the guys indulged in improvised me... full review
GABE HELTON uncertified reviewer June 23, 2012
Loved it. Very funny guys, keep it up... full review