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theatre · mawson vernazza · Ages 10+ · family friendly · United Kingdom

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ANONYMOUS June 09, 2012
A quiet, somber take on the legendary friendship. The genuineness of the accents lent to the show's credibility. I would have preferred the hour been spent delving the intricacies and chemistry of a single scene in the characters' lives; instead of summarizing years of their relationship. ... full review
ROB PAIT June 16, 2012
A sharp, to-the-point Holmes retrospective by two pros who know what they're doing. Like a musty old house's genuine hardwood floors, the Holmes saga has been revarnished, painted over, and carpeted beyond recognition; Mawson and Vernazza strip the characters of their post-Doyle layers. Mawson's Holmes returns from invincible superhero status to a more believable undiagnosed Asperger's manchild, a deeply flawed genius whose wounds drive his gifts, reminiscent of a 1940s Mark Zuckerberg. It's just the thing to reinvigorate the idea of Holmes as human. Vernazza plays the even-keeled foil and literary agent Watson to steely perfection, one who understands both the myth and reality of the fictional Holmes and pushes each to its potential. With n... full review
ANONYMOUS June 22, 2012
Very underwhelming. I was so ready to love this show. Once you get past their classically trained accents the show is utterly inconsequential. The "serious" parts, where Sherlock was losing his mind, were laughable.... full review
MARC CONNEELY certified reviewer June 18, 2012
Must be an award winner, loved the scene on the train and the 20 naked dancers, shame there was no females.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 10, 2012
What a delightful play and wonderful performances from Mawson and Vernazza! The actors deliver a fabulously well-observed exploration of the seldom-explored complexities of both characters and the relationship between the two. A must see!... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 17, 2012
With the recent re-interpretation of Sherlock Holmes through the movies starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, many have lost sight of the original vision of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's literary masterpiece. Thank God for John Mawson and Mario Vernazza! Their show returns the story to the proper vision and setting - Victorian England. Their accents and costumes are impeccable. Their chemistry is obvious. The story is shocking and thought-provoking. Although slow at times, the story covers almost the entire lives of the original Dynamic Duo. Beginning from their first encounter, they story dwells more on their intimate friendship than on any one particular case. This broad retrospective was fresh and tastefully done. I was ... full review
KARENLIN MADOFF certified reviewer June 19, 2012
If you like authentic Sherlock Holmes, you will love this play!!! Fast paced, witty, funny, quite simply - brilliant!!... full review
WENDY KAYSING certified reviewer June 17, 2012
I loved "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes" - excellent performances, with great twists and turns in the life of Holmes along with his trusty friend Dr. Watson...both characters were very believable (and lovable!. The play truly brought Sherlock Holmes to life! I look forward to seeing the longer version. - Wendy L. Kaysing aka "taratree" - Venice, CA.... full review

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