The Shape of Me

Two Person Show · jam on stage productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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VIVIA E ARMSTRONG certified reviewer July 07, 2022
Fan-flipping-tastic! These ladies put it all out there with transparency, variety, facts, authenticity and comedy all in one. it's an entertaining, human and educating experience.... full review
REBECCA BA’GAH certified reviewer July 06, 2022
Two very likable women bearing their hearts, souls, and minds to educate, challenge, and entertain the audience. ... full review
AMBIKA LEIGH certified reviewer July 05, 2022
A gorgeous display of grace and grit, of raw emotion and humor, which moved me to tears too many times to count!! My friend and I absolutely loved being a witness to (and participant in) this moving meditation on self-liberated self-image. ... full review
TRACEY ROONEY certified reviewer July 05, 2022
What a beautiful show! Poignant and funny, sexy and devestating. So happy I experienced this- it will stay with me for a long time. ... full review
NICHOLAS BUDA certified reviewer July 03, 2022
tagged as: powerful · Sensitive · touching · honest · Truthful
Amanda Lynne and Vejune are the real deal. Authentic, honest, heartfelt, wonderful, open, vulnerable and all out AMAZING. This show opened my mind and touched my heart. ... full review
GUENEVERE ALAPAG-SPILLER certified reviewer July 03, 2022
I laughed, I cried, I got so inspired by the stories. ... full review
CASSANDRA MOSELLE certified reviewer July 03, 2022
Wonderfully woven stories to create a narrative of how these women refused to be diminished and erased.... full review
SHAUN DUKE certified reviewer June 28, 2022
Off the charts! It was very eye opening for me. I had never considered much of what was explored.... full review
CAROL BECKER certified reviewer June 26, 2022
Women flaunting their unique, beautiful, curvaceous shapes in all their glorious splendor? SIGN. ME. UP. At times, brutally heart-breaking tales were shared and other times, pure celebratory positivity came out. I really found myself THRILLED to be an audience member of The Shape of Me!! How could you not? Anyone suffering from any type of body dysmorphia (guilty party, right here) could relate to what Amanda and Vejune shared. I found myself clapping so much, tearing up, and laughing behind my mask. Some powerful truth telling happened at this show and I really, truly, desperately want this show to get MANY, MANY ENCORES!! ... full review
DEBBA ROFHEART certified reviewer June 26, 2022
Painful, playful, powerful. THE SHAPE OF ME is a message desperately needed to be blared from every rooftop.... full review