Too Big For Her Britches

soaring solo llc · Ages 13+ · Canada

one person show
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DAVID MACDOWELL BLUE certified reviewer June 16, 2022
tagged as: intimate · human · funny · poignant · honest · charming
A very charming personal journey, punctuated with song, about two different self images vying for control of a woman's life. ... full review
KRISTELLE MONTERROSA certified reviewer June 15, 2022
I was amazed with Lisa's artistic prowess, her ability to truly capture her audience with her presence/energy was spellbinding. The stories she weaved through to underline the main thesis led to a beautiful final moment, a full circle moment of profound self acceptance. I was so inspired! ... full review
BARBARA BROWNELL certified reviewer June 13, 2022
Lisa Pezik was just meant to be on stage. What a journey she took us on. Wow, she is big, in the best sense of the word. She just shines on stage. She is light. She is a star. Plus she can really sing. Her journey to self love is inspirational.... full review
RAVEN K certified reviewer June 13, 2022
I saw “Too Good for Her Britches,” on Tuesday, June 8th. The crowd was lively and anticipating the start of the show. It was amazing to hear and see different women issues.... full review
JOYFUL RAVEN certified reviewer June 13, 2022
tagged as: deep · loving · Brave · powerful
Lisa is a wonderful performer who brings precision and passion to each of her characters. She takes us on a beautiful and deeply relatable journey toward self love, while she gracefully glides from one character to the next with aplomb. A wonderful show!... full review
LARRY DAVIDSON certified reviewer June 12, 2022
This show is a masterpiece of Solo Theater. Lisa pours her heart out on the stage. A don't miss show of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.... full review
JENNA WADSWORTH MCCARTY certified reviewer June 11, 2022
This was a fully embodied performance. What must have taken tremendous work to craft looks effortless as Lisa weightlessly transforms from character to character and buoyantly moves thru this triumphant performance. In Too Big for Her Britches, Lisa reveals the heavy hurts of childhood and adulthood, revealing the wounded self with a lightness that allows us to travel with her without burden. Ultimately, we can all celebrate the grand accomplishment of healing work that Lisa guides us through. ... full review
MARYLEE HERRMANN certified reviewer June 11, 2022
Lisa Pezik's journey of self-love and mental health awareness through her character Luna is powerful, and at the same time subtle. Though her story is undeniably hers, with her own personal experiences, it is one so many people can relate to in these times where connection is so important.... full review
LYNN BECK certified reviewer June 10, 2022
tagged as: vulnerability · fun · dramatic · riveting
Lisa Pezik is a wonder. She magically transforms and breathes life into multiple, authentic characters. Her acting range is incredible, especially her ability to show vulnerability. You will laugh and cry. Come see this show!... full review
ELI HANS certified reviewer June 10, 2022
A beautifully honest, brave and vulnerable piece about having the courage and wisdom to finally love and accept ourselves. Lisa is 100% committed to every character, as she explores very personal and challenging moments of her past. Finally, through lots of inner work, she discovers true love in herself and in her life mate. Her songs are great, physicality and vocal quality of each of her many characters, and it is very cleverly staged. It’s funny, poignant, and beautifully written. A beautiful reminder to all of us that fully loving ourselves is why we are here. Congrats Lisa!!... full review