The Legend of D.C. Colorado

Comedy · absolutely incredible · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

“Truly a great time and a wild ride!….with elements Of Mice and Men and Tenacious D” – Stage Raw. When Clive and Owen, two pure-hearted illiterate, bastard brothers come home to find their mother murdered, they set out on a legendary journey to avenge her demise. With a hand written note as their only clue, the brothers traverse The Wild West in search of a single person with the ability to read. Witches, bandits and talking horses are not all they’ll hazard in the west, for the true danger lies within. In this western musical comedy, boys WILL become men, and men WILL have daddy issues.
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Production Team

joey swift *

long john silver / et al.

felix birdie *

prophet monterosso/et al./composer/music director

dean malahias *


christopher merlino *


jack de sanz *

lucindro tusk

gwynn ballard *

maryanne weatherbee / et al.

lo artiz *

momma/bruja/et al.

* Fringe Veteran