Christopher Merlino

Christopher Merlino is an Actor, Writer and whatever else he needs to be. As an (almost) graduate of FSU’s BFA Acting program and eventually Marymount Manhattan’s Theatre History Program, Christopher enjoys all facets of creative entertainment. As an actor, Christopher is a member of Endstation Theatre Company in Lynchburg, Virginia where he specialized in Shakespearean and new works for over 5 years. Christopher has recently portrayed “Diego” in a national Checker’s commercial and “Oscar” in Lifetime’s feature film The Family. The Legend of D.C. Colorado is Christopher’s Los Angeles debut as a writer, producer and lead in a production. Christopher spends his free time painting fantasy landscapes on canvas and creating anything that brings people joy with his friends and creative partners, Constantine Malahias and Felix Birdie. In addition to thanking his friends for their constant encouragement and unyielding compliments he would like to express his love and adoration to his family who are everything to him. For more info, visit and @christophermerlino on instagram. #formvoltron