Rock 'n' Roll Heretic

third rail alive · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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CATHERINE BARNES certified reviewer June 27, 2022
tagged as: educational · drama · black · queer · guitar · rock · blues · music
A must-see for musicians and music fans.... full review
ALAN RICHARDS certified reviewer June 27, 2022
tagged as: Raw and uncut..
There are countless untold stories of musicians, such as Rory Tharpe, that have fallen prey and succumb to the politics and racism of the music industry. Her struggle depicts how many artist of color, were robbed of their success and mistreated by those they trusted. Having this type of platform. To tell the true story is what's needed in this day and time. Wake up those that sleep...... full review
DEANA WILLIAMS certified reviewer July 31, 2022
Rock N Roll Heretic was an engaging musical piece that reminds us about the challenges black musicians faced/still face in the music and entertainment industry. It's a story about history, healing and ultimately hope. ... full review
TY FANCE certified reviewer June 27, 2022
tagged as: powerful · poignant · relevant
A complete and relatable story -a gospel singer/ musician turned rock singer abused as a child, struggles to have a successful career and a happy life, while negotiating the dark mire that is the music business – reminiscent of the play and movie “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Blues”... full review
ESQUIZITO, AKA EP PEREZ certified reviewer June 27, 2022
tagged as: black music. · Black women
So glad that I was let in late. I did experience enough to appreciate many aspects of this worthy ensemble production. Top of the list, Mama was ALL BOLD CAPTIVATING. Bare footed, dancing all the way - even in the shadows. I suspect that I have seen this woman before, as it was evident that she is a veteran of this biz. But for all intents and purposes, I am glad I have lived to witness her exceptional talent. Next close by, Pastor! Fringe should pay both these women twice!! Which I know wouldn't amount to much more but; at least show them their essential value, especially part of HFF. These artist know this material because it is their lives. There was an aspect of triumph in an otherwise modest production. Shall, I state again: I don't ... full review
STEEV BEESON certified reviewer June 26, 2022
Playwright needs strong editor to streamline two hour show and make the timeline/narrative more coherent. And, MORE MUSIC required from such a talented group of performers, (they all had wonderful voices)!... full review