Rock 'n' Roll Heretic

third rail alive · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 28, 2022
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What I liked

Kudos to the actors

What I didn't like

Acoustics of theater could have been better

My overall impression

Intense examination of artistic survival in the cutthroat world of the making a living playing live music. The cast was outstanding in presenting the complex musicality of Sikivu Hutchinson’s dialogue and the battles within the band while trying to survive on the road. Newcomer Alma Schofield and solid performer Phillip McNair beautifully render the complex relationship of two aging guitarists trying to keep it together in the twilight of their careers. Brenda Eager is a ghost, and this ghost can sing. Patti Henley brings comedy to the play with her wicked portrayal of a money-grubbing paster. J.C. Cadena is sensuous as she longs to join the artists on the road. Ashlee Olivia slowly develops the powerful role of an abused child. This play is not easy listening but like great rock ‘n’ roll music the upbeat rhythms of playwright Sikivu Hutchinson contains a serious theme of the artist’s struggle to maintain integrity in a world that appreciates the bottom more than the joy within the music.

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