GATSBY an Immersive Illumination - Chapter 1: East Egg

Immersive & Games · loose change / 2cents theatre · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer August 08, 2021
What a load of fun! This show, in its short runtime, manages to pack a punch. As someone who has never read Gatsby or seen any of the film adaptations, I was able to follow pretty clearly the storyline and pick up on many thematic elements, stemming from the more obvious (such as touching on topics of classism and opportunity) to the more subtle, intricate balances of other topics that my be inferred. The refreshments were fun, but rotating through the space, interactions with performers, and the mixing in of writing from Gatsby itself weaves such a delicate, intricate balance of comedy and thought-provoking moments to create an indelible experience. ... full review
JARED BOGHOSIAN certified reviewer August 29, 2021
A really elegant and enjoyable experience. Once you get over the initial confusion of all the audience guests as well as one of the players being the collective “Nick Carraway” it moves very smoothly and is quite fun. I just wish it could have been even longer.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 29, 2021
really fun show, being a part of it and the acting is amazing! the actor that played the author and actress that played Daisy… I was in the garden with Daisy and I almost cried!!... full review
TIM BEEDLE certified reviewer August 27, 2021
What a perfect time to stage an adaptation of Gatsby, and what a stroke of brilliance to make it immersive. Audience members collectively take on the role of Nick Carraway, while actor Chris Lanehart conveys Nick's interior thoughts and dialog from the novel. It's an unusual approach, but a smart one that doesn't take long at all to get used to. While this production only adapts the first chapter of the novel (it's right there in the title, folks), it's more than enough to get a taste of life in the Buchanan household, with all of the callous excesses and classicism intact. Yet, as Nick, you can't help but be drawn in and let's face it, it's fun to play at being part of the elite. Great performances all around and I can't wait for future cha... full review
LAURA WILEY certified reviewer August 26, 2021
tagged as: experience · clever · Gatsby · fun · tasty · immersive
LOVE LOVE LOVED!!! What a fun trip to go through the world of Gatsby! It felt true to the world of the book and it was also a tasty experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the immersive style of one of my favorites - great job to this team!!! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 25, 2021
I thoroughly enjoyed GATSBY. The immersive process was somewhat like wearing 3D head set where a virtual reality surrounds you, yet you are safe. Rather than being a fly on the wall as most proscenium arches suggest, one is actually sitting at the table of fascinating characters. It was intimate and fun and fascinating. ... full review
ZACHARY BERNSTEIN certified reviewer August 24, 2021
As someone who has read the novel five times, I can say with some authority that this is a faithful, if modern, re-imagining of the book's first chapter. The tensions between Daisy and Tom are made ever the more uncomfortable when you're faced with joining them at the dinner table rather than reading from the comfort of your sofa at home. Looking forward to future chapters, especially chapter 3.... full review
TODD PICKERING certified reviewer August 24, 2021
Really fun and just immersive enough.... full review
SIRSA SHEKIM certified reviewer August 23, 2021
An unforgettable experience with amazing and perfectly cast actors.. This was one of the best shows of the HFF, hands down.... full review
MICHELLE HOLMES certified reviewer August 23, 2021
tagged as: witty · challenging · Adventuresome · erudite
Go ahead and give the HFF Immersive Theatre Award one more time to Kristen Boulé, Tiffany Asta, and 2Cents Theatre Company for yet again creating a brilliant theatre event. This is a smart piece that assumes you are knowledgeable and worldly and know about such things …. While it’s a plus to know Fitzgerald’s “Gatsby”, this erudite production works on levels for everyone interested in interactive and challenging events. The food was great (thank you for the vegan choices), and special props to Colin Willkie (Tom), Sarah Schulte (Daisy), and especially Ren Montoro (Jordan), who suffered my attention and queries in perfect character, leaving me outmatched at every turn. As a bass player, I also appreciated Leslie Baker’s fitting musical v... full review