Todd Pickering

AEA member and transplant from San Francisco. Creator of many shows including COME FLY WITH ME NUDE which one Best of Fringe in 2004 SF! Also co -creator of TENDERLOIN XMAS HUSTLER and HALLOWEEN! THE MUSICAL. Currently working on EVEN IF IT’S WRONG a one man show that will hopefully be in LA Fringe 2016! Well, let’s try 2017! So excited to bring this show to the Hollywood Fringe this year. I hate to say you’ll laugh…you’ll cry…but it is that kind of show. I don’t like words like dramedy, brunch, Brangelina….they irritate me. So you may laugh and cry but you won’t hear any hybrid words in my piece.

Radicals: A Bollywood Musical Drama

A gripping Bollywood Musical about a love story struggling to survive in the war-torn valleys of Kashmir. Through action, dialogue and dance, Radicals tackles Islamophobia and the trauma of warfare on innocent lives.


Sometimes love becomes transparent, but is it too late? Through the course of one evening, Nick and Alysha ultimately remind themselves how deep their love is. A knock on the door, however, brings the world crashing down around them.