The Reichstag Is Burning

hartstone-kitney productions and black box live: from australia · Ages 14+ · Australia

one person show
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ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer September 05, 2021
What Performer and Creator Hartstone and Director/Designer Tom Kitney accomplished with Reichstag is nothing short of amazing. I’m not talking jaw-dropping amazing here, I’m talking 300-pound fat guy belly flopping in a kiddy pool amazing! read the full review at full review
MINDY PFEIFFER certified reviewer August 13, 2021
This was a very thoughtful and well produced production. I was captivated from the moment it started, and it kept my attention throughout the performance. I also learned things I had not known before.... full review
KEN PFLUEGER certified reviewer August 13, 2021
I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was captivating and held my attention. The play was both informative and confirmed information I already knew.... full review
ROB STEVENS certified reviewer August 13, 2021
Great idea for a show, well thought out, well executed.... full review
NZKKABWB NZKKABWB certified reviewer October 25, 2021
tagged as: 17
555... full review