I Have Too Many Feelings

Solo Show · soaring solo studios · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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CHEVY KNIGHT certified reviewer August 29, 2021
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW! Bethany's personality and talent shines in this wonderfully revealing and raw show. Her comedic timing and adaptability to her surroundings makes watching her so easy and enjoyable. I WANT MORE BETHANY VEE!! ... full review
HOLLY SIDELL certified reviewer August 29, 2021
I loved this show! In addition to being incredibly entertaining and hilarious, it actually opened my eyes to a few things about myself that I needed to see. Educational, extremely enjoyable, and Bethany's stage presence is kust welcoming and delightful. ... full review
POONAM BASU certified reviewer August 28, 2021
Funny... right where it hurts. Honest, silly, relatable, brave, and FUN!! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 26, 2021
tagged as: Optimistic · feel-g00d · poignant · funny
Bethany gave a killer performance that was hilarious and heart-wrenching. The script is emotionally intimate and uproariously funny. ... full review
MARYLEE HERRMANN certified reviewer August 26, 2021
Hilarious! I Have Too Many Feelings is ‘out loud laughable’ and entertaining. Having to watch this show at a public coffee shop could not keep me from audibly laughing, making other customers curious I’m sure. In addition to her comedic writing skills, Brittany Vee obviously knows how to comfortably command a stage including not allow something like blaring sirens zipping by the theater detract from the show. A lesser experienced performer this could have led them to be distracted or frustrated, in Vee’s control, it becomes part of her show!... full review
RUSSELL JOHNSON certified reviewer August 26, 2021
tagged as: true · honest
Everyone has a story, but most people hide behind a persona, and we collectively forget what is real to the point that we even start to lie to ourselves. This show makes you remember what is real from what is phony. If we all got in touch with one, let alone the many feelings in Bethany Vee’s “I Have Too Many Feelings,” then the world would be a much more honest place. ... full review
SARAH ROSE REYNOLDS certified reviewer August 25, 2021
tagged as: sobriety · mental health · vulnerable · honest · Raw · silly · funny · hilarious
What was my overall impression of the show, you ask?? Just imagine an Olympic gymnast flipping, twisting, catapulting through the air and then LANDING A PERFECT TEN!!! This show is a masterpiece! Although Bethany was clothed, she might as well have been naked, due to the raw, honest and extremely vulnerable content of the show. Bethany had me in stitches throughout the show! She’s a natural comedic performer with impeccable timing. Her characters were so entertaining and made the show feel really dynamic. I saw the show multiple times and would eagerly go see it again!... full review
BARBARA SABA certified reviewer August 25, 2021
Oh man, those eyes . All her feelings were sitting there in her eyes. What a lovely show. I loved her physicality and her humour. Bethany has got the gift of levity, in my opinion one of the best qualities for a human being living in a metropolis after the apocalypse in 21st century. ... full review
CHAD GEIGER certified reviewer August 25, 2021
Yo. Bethany is so clever. So funny. So talented. Her fusion of her life story, her vulnerability, her inner dialogue and her humor together are the perfect combination.... full review
TARA BROWN certified reviewer August 25, 2021
tagged as: witty · honest · smart · hilarious
Bethany Vee is a powerhouse performer! I Have Too Many Feelings takes the audience on a wild ride through the totally hilarious and surprisingly poignant moments of Bethany's life and doesn't let up for a second. Bethany's ability to connect on a human level is what drives this performance and enables the audience to laugh and relate simultaneously. Excellent show!... full review