Housewife '52

kick boom theater company · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere


Housewife ’52: a mental exploration. Kick Boom Theater follows up the smash hit Scarlett Fever from HFF19. Once again created by John Wuchte, the show explores the lives of several housewives through gesture, movement, song, text, aprons and heels, accompanied by live percussion and 7 original songs.

Wuchte brings his percussive method to create a cacophony of sounds and explosive choreography. His songwriting partner, the award winning Michael Teoli, is once again joining him on this journey.

A day in the life of 4 women and the men in their lives in 1952. Harold got a promotion and Judy is preparing for the big party. As the women wake, we learn of their dreams and fears and follow them through the day. Secrets are revealed, deceptions confronted, Tupperware burped, and laundry is folded.



“The cast is perfection in vocal prowess, dance moves and characterization. Wuchte announced at the show’s conclusion that the piece had been in the works for years and there were about 100 hours of rehearsal required. It’s easy to see that it all paid off. To paraphrase Velma Kelly, “they do it in perfect unison”. Housewife ‘52 is sure to be among the top shows of Fringe, probably of the year. Don’t miss it!”
Rob Stevens/

“John Wuchte and his Kick Boom Theater ensemble take musical theater and dance to a new level, offering a combination of incredibly intricate and perfectly executed movement choreography performed by 7 brilliantly talented performers, all set to soul tingling music performed by four musicians. I adored everything about this World Premiere production and plan to see it again! Do not MISS it”
Shari Barrett/Broadway World

“How to describe Housewife ’52? Part musical, part physical theater, it is at times disorienting, yet wholly and completely captivating. This highly percussive piece incorporates hypnotic drumming, and precise, almost animalistic choreography. Go into this show knowing it won’t be your typical musical; I was expecting Rodgers & Hammerstein, but what I got was SO much more interesting.”
Julia Stier/Stage Raw

“A toe tapping denunciation of sexism in America – you’ll leave humming the tunes! A PLATINUM MEDAL! A show that is both inspired and evoking”
Ernest Kearney/

“Incredibly tight and specific ensemble show and not your typical fringe fare. It’s a musical but not your typical musical. It’s a dance piece but of its own kind. Each and every one of the cast members were amazing, specific and exciting to watch”
CJ Merriman/Theater Theatre Podcast


  • FLAWLESSLY choreographed and meticulously directed. An all-around beautiful production.
  • Painstakingly beautiful! A haunting, hypnotic achievement in tune to the pulse of current cultural chaos.
  • HOUSEWIFE ’52 begins with a jaw-dropping theatrical image that would be hard for most theatre companies to top
  • This is a painstaking work of art. The overall effect is beautiful and poignant.
  • The ensemble is flawless and the music and movement are mesmerizing, casting a spell that doesn’t let up
  • Pristine, polished, crisp, and clean, Housewife ’52 is wonderful and engaging to watch
  • The movement and songs and dialogue came together beautifully to tell a story of repression and defiance
  • I’ve never seen anything like this before.
  • Very carefully detailed text, music, and movement, all performed with seemingly effortless crisp precision.
  • Mesmerizing choreography and visuals. Reminiscent of the musical Company
  • The cast is uniformly precise and highly committed to a very demanding style, and it pays off incredibly.
  • It is truly unlike any other show you will see at fringe.
  • I can’t stop thinking about it and will come see another performance
  • ​Clean. Sharp. Excellently executed. Conjures Robert Wilson but with a more jaundiced eye
  • Grabs your attention right up top and holds it through ‘til the end!
  • So much precision choreography that was tight, spot on, 100% between the actors and the musicians
  • ​It was a delightful genre bending mash-up that had the audience captivated from beginning to end!
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