Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

Drama · abacab studios · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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GLEN PAVAN certified reviewer June 07, 2022
tagged as: #Crude #rocknroll
Fun, fast-paced story of rock and roll rise to stardom in the early 80s scene, with balance between telling the public story and quiet moments offering the personal struggles and determination of the main songwriter of the band and his key relationships. Ryan Ruffing gives a deep and exciting performance as Nykii, giving a personal touch and empathy to a public figure not often regarded as a role model. Phillip-Charlie Daniell was a real standout as the band manager, as well. Great stage presence and command of the character, and his scenes with Ryan were the most powerful of the show. Looking forward to following his career and seeing him in larger and more featured roles. The in-joke references to the band (who do not authorize this... full review
KEITH GERSTNER certified reviewer June 06, 2022
A show that was clearly written by and for people who love rock and roll, very well told by a memorable cast. ... full review
TERUKO NAKAJIMA certified reviewer December 31, 2022
tagged as: attitude · energetic · rhythm · fun · dynamic · motleycrue · Nikki · rocknroll · Love
So much love for Rock n Roll and Motley Crue!!! ... full review
DANIEL HLAD certified reviewer August 25, 2022
Distilled a ton of details into a digestible story. So much better than the (completely unrelated) biopic, in a lot of ways - the characters were much more developed with redeeming qualities. It was also funny and well acted. ... full review
ALOMAI ADDAMS certified reviewer August 24, 2022
Very rock and roll, no concealing of the lifestyle the rockstars had. The play brought me back to the 80's with the dialogue, style and American humour. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 19, 2022
tagged as: hardcore · powerful · Rock ‘n roll
Unique and well played with an incredible cast, Crude gives an iconic take on a classic rock and roll world. ... full review
MICHAEL ORTIZ certified reviewer June 28, 2022
My first impression was, "what is going on!?" I mean that in the most kind way possible because I can't remember the last time I went to a play. But, as it went on, I genuinely fell in love with each cast member and their talents! The story was great (a little biased because of my love for Motley Crue), and I felt quite satisfied as a viewer. Very captivating. You guys definitely made my Saturday night. Thanks! ... full review
ADITYA PUTCHA certified reviewer June 27, 2022
I am not even a fan of the band (I don't know a single song of their and the only member I heard of was Tommy Lee since he was married to Pamela Anderson) and I still loved this!... full review
RON GABALDON certified reviewer June 26, 2022
tagged as: sexy · dark · exciting
This was a very loving and completely unauthorized tribute to one of the most iconic bands of the 80s LA scene. A very fast moving trip through the history of a band known for not giving a fuck. Well played with a large cast who both know and love the material they are working with.... full review
SYDNNI FROST certified reviewer June 25, 2022
Really captured the spirit of "Mostly Crude," with really great performances and smart writing. ... full review