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family friendly one person show world premiere
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KATE ZENTALL certified reviewer June 19, 2012
Bill Ratner is a master: from the first moment, you know you can settle back; you are in good hands. It may be cliched to say I laughed, I cried-- but, well, I laughed, I cried. (OK, sue me.) He takes you on a trip through his life, and when he's done you're all the better for it. Go. (And besides, it's less than an hour!)... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 22, 2012
Wonderful show! When it was over, I just wanted Bill Ratner to keep on talking - more, more more! ... full review
BEAU WEAVER certified reviewer June 08, 2012
Bill Ratner is a compelling story-teller. I was on the edge of my seat....transported through time. I feel like I know the characters in his life. The behind the scenes stories of his life as a big time announcer are lots of fun, but I found the family scenes most affecting. This piece takes you places you did not expect to go when you read the description. There is a reason why Bill has won so many of the MOTH grand slams. A lot of story tellers are locked into a style, or storytelling "persona" which I find irritating. Bill is just himself. Voices in my head is a fascinating life journey, told by a master storyteller. I wished it was longer. That tells you something. - Beau Weaver ... full review
ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer June 08, 2012
Bill Ratner opens up in this light hearted, emotionally packed, one man, one guitar show. Audiences will be moved to laughter and tears as one of entertainment's most familiar voices recounts growing up and following his dreams - even if it wasn't the easiest path. The pictures Bill is able to create with his words, and the way he tells a story, are something you definitely shouldn't miss. A great way to start of HFF12!... full review
JONATHAN MENCHIN certified reviewer June 08, 2012
Bill Ratner's show reminded me why I love theater. Magic, surprise, laughter, loss and transformation. Written and performed with love. A gift to the audience.... full review
SHEILA BLOCH certified reviewer June 08, 2012
Bill Ratner is a genius storyteller. Taking us on the journey of his life story was a ride that ended too soon. He handled the tender and sorrowful chapters of his life with dignified humor and hilarious vulnerability. This is a must see event and it is an honor when a storyteller as skilled as Mr. Ratner, generously shares stories about the people and events that have shaped the outstanding person that he is.... full review
CHRIS DOTSON certified reviewer June 10, 2012
This is an incredible show. Bill Ratner is an amazing storyteller. I enjoyed every minute of it!... full review
JOEL BELLMAN certified reviewer June 13, 2012
Ratner's "Voices in My Head" is more than your average memory play. In less than an hour, he expertly guides us on a journey through not just his own life, but the kind of life that many in the creative and entertainment fields will recognize: early infatuation with all manner of media, the need for attention, the yearning to find one's own voice and share it with the world, reckoning with love and loss and transmuting it into artistic expression, and finally, pondering the sublime mysteries of life and human existence itself. Ratner was born with more than great "pipes," as they say in the trade; he's an almost supernaturally gifted raconteur with the seemingly effortless ability to weave spellbinding narratives about virtually any subje... full review
DEAN WHITE certified reviewer June 11, 2012
Bill Ratner's Voices In My Head Show was outstanding last night! Grab a ticket if you haven't already. You will laugh, cry and be shocked! And you will hear the touching life history of one of the greats in VO. I was a fan of Bill's work before I went, now I am a fan of the man who pulled himself out of many tough circumstances to create a life of success. You can not help but admire and be in awe of Bill in a completely new depth that will stretch your heart.... full review
MATTESON PERRY certified reviewer June 19, 2012
Bill has lived an incredible life and it was entertaining, moving, and hilarious to hear him recount it. It's easy to see why he's made a living as a voice actor - his voice and performance are wonderful and his ability to go in and out of character's, both famous and non, is incredible. Bill's a natural story teller and it's a pleasure to hear him spin a yarn!... full review