Lies, Anger and Forgiveness

spleen76 · Ages 18+ · Italy

one person show
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MARIANNA DI PASQUALE certified reviewer August 23, 2021
tagged as: honest · tasteful · powerhouse
Barbara is a powerhouse, and her performance is well balanced between moments of high energy and quiet, intimate reflections that engaged with every line and every delivery. This play shakes your soul and leaves you asking yourself questions about what it means to pursue the “American Dream” and thinking about the real weight and value of our culture in this fast-changing world. ... full review
MEGAN FORD-MILLER certified reviewer August 18, 2021
tagged as: interesting · passionate · emotional
This is a deeply personal story and Barbara is a passionate storyteller. In 35 Min She really gives you a brushstroke of her life in an interesting way.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 20, 2021
tagged as: witty · revealing · passionate
This story resonates with artists struggling with loneliness and estrangement, and especially for those who’ve left everything behind and crossed oceans to “pursue the American/Hollywood Dream.” One of the most powerful, well-crafted, and well-performed solo performances I’ve seen at HFF, this show was a delight for the full house on a Monday night. Strong, emotionally rich acting by a charismatic performer - she strikes this viewer as a combination of Valentina Cortese and (yes) Anna Magnani with a little Gilda Radner in the more child-like and heart-breaking moments. Barbara’s work is brave - with her soulful, penetrating eyes and husky voice, and she grabbed the audience from her entrance, suitcase in tow, and held us to her final, inclu... full review
STANLEY JACOBUS certified reviewer August 17, 2021
I was blown away. In just thirty minutes, Barbara managed to make me laugh, reduce me to tears, and also make me think about my own personal platforms on the issues within. Her storytelling was cohesive and informative, all the while being tongue in cheek and simultaneously tragic. To say I was touched would be an understatement. ... full review
LAURA GAGLIARDI certified reviewer August 10, 2021
A-mazing. The depth and the texture of this show radiates originality and passion like nothing I've seen before. Barbara was simply... great! From minute 0 to the end she keeps your attention high and you feel like you want to know what she's going to say next. Emotional and very very moving, this show is a must see. Thank you Barbara for your performance and the story you wrote. Chapeau!... full review
SHELLEY COOPER certified reviewer August 08, 2021
Barbara is a passionate and captivating storyteller. She commits 100% and she had me enthralled the entire time. Her story and performance was grounded, raw, vulnerable, relatable, and gave me a new perspective. Excellent direction and stage pictures created! All in all, a wonderful time at the theatre. ... full review
ENZO MAZZEO certified reviewer August 30, 2021
The show is intense and straight to the point. Barbara’s performance is real, she feels the emotions and is able to share them with the audience. The show is only 30 mins long but doesn't miss to deliver a passionate portray of the many struggles an immigrant with strong family ties goes through: her ambitions keep colliding with the uncertainty of the future. And at some point we can't tell where's the boundary between art and real life, stage and reality. Definitely a show that moves you and makes you think. ... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer September 05, 2021
tagged as: A GOLD MEDAL
Saba, all starry-eyed, comes to the United States of America intent on achieving fame and fortune. It is near impossible not to get carried away by her narrative, as she moves about the stage like a tornado with the Bolshoi. Read the full review at: full review
PETE MOLINARI certified reviewer August 31, 2021
tagged as: unique · poetic · dramatic · entertaining
The show was intense and grabbed my attention from beginning to end. Not many performances take you on a whirlwind of emotions but Barbara’s performance did just that. ... full review
DAVID MACDOWELL BLUE certified reviewer August 30, 2021
tagged as: Love · pain · growth · Forgiveness · trauma · therapy · Truth · Courage
Most solo shows tend to be a bit short, especially for the Fringe. Lies, Anger and Forgiveness seems like it should be much too short. At only thirty minutes, one wonders how it could really delve much into anything, especially since most solos last almost twice that and leave me wanting more.... full review