Justice? Or... Just Me?: The Bite

Solo Show · lorinda hawkins smith · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity one person show world premiere
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AZO SAFO certified reviewer September 03, 2021
Heartbreaking! I was crushed and angry with Lorinda. The justice system failed her in such a profound way. This was an incredibly moving play. And performed by a powerful actress with such amazing presence on stage. ... full review
CHAZZ FAULKNER certified reviewer August 26, 2021
tagged as: Engaging
It's very entertaining... full review
PHIL BELL certified reviewer August 26, 2021
I felt as though, I was able get to see & witness how things are not always what they seem & to be in a position of authority sometimes requires a gift discernment. It easy to just try to put people or something we don't understand in a box, rather than listening or getting a better understanding. This show made me stop with this preconceived stereotype notion and listen & find out more before you judge. Wow! Amazing! This is a message for right now and to be honest should be understood for all of us, especially we who live in this world of diversity. A must expirence!... full review
TANYA THOMAS certified reviewer August 24, 2021
Powerful, engaging and raw, Justice? Or… Just Me?: The Bite is must see theatre on sacrificial love, the issues surrounding domestic violence and the glaring injustices of the justice system. ... full review
LORILYN LUONG certified reviewer August 21, 2021
tagged as: domestic violence
Lorinda's strength was felt throughout the show. I felt the pain and triumph surrounding domestic violence. She uses her traumatic experiences seen with the justice system, being a Black woman, and society's blame on victims into art making and power. ... full review
CHRISTIANA GREENE certified reviewer August 20, 2021
Overall I was mind blown, it was truly well done and incredible. Brought tears to my eyes (it could be triggering for some, yet it’s super empowering and inspiring)... full review
KIRA POWELL certified reviewer August 20, 2021
tagged as: Brave · amazing · Black theater · inspiring · deep
This show was absolutely phenomenal. I really appreciate Lorinda sharing her story with all of us, and I was so very impressed by her performance. She was able to take such a past difficult time of hers and transform it into such a beautiful work of art. Her characters, her depth, and her use of the stage and environment to tell her story was so captivating. I left in tears, but also with such a profound connection to her and her story because of her ability to capture humanity, with all of its darkness and light and sorrows and joy. Along with taking us on a journey through this heartbreaking justice system of ours, she was also able to capture the nuances and complexities of the human condition..of love, of what we think love is…it was al... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 15, 2021
I was so impressed by Lorinda's writing, performance and depth. She is a strong actress and singer. Her one woman show was riveting.... full review
CONSTANCE JAQUAY STRICKLAND certified reviewer August 15, 2021
Lorinda is a powerful performer with a fountain of emotional range. The way she engages her material and brings to the forefront issues that are not easily digestible or conversational is a gift to the community. May she continue the work. ... full review
JENNIE FAHN certified reviewer August 13, 2021
Very brave storytelling.... full review