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This Way Yonder

comedy · cypress company · Ages 14+ · world premiere · 80 mins · United States of America

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MATTHEW ROBINSON encore judge certified reviewer June 09, 2019
A well acted, well directed and crafted show that drops you right into the world of these characters and hooks you into to their daily life as it reaches a crucial apex. I truly enjoyed the world I was in as you effortlessly grow to care for all of the characters; flaws and all. A strong and resonant piece.... full review
BILLY RAY BREWTON certified reviewer June 22, 2019
A complex and affecting tale with a skilled attention to detail in terms of time and place. The show really evokes a lot of authentic emotion, and the result is something purely theatrical. ... full review
ANNIE C. WRIGHT certified reviewer June 20, 2019
I've seen other work by this playwright, and I always appreciate the poetic language woven throughout. Felt a bit of a Tennessee Williams vibe in this particular piece. ... full review
ALYSSA VIRKER certified reviewer June 17, 2019
An extremely heartfelt performance with a great mother-daughter relationship at it's center. Marjorie was an amazing actor and she led the whole cast wonderfully. The show was full many of emotional moments and the ending will shock you -- in the good way! ... full review
SAMANTHA BOWLING certified reviewer June 16, 2019
This Way Yonder is a really beautiful story about complex family dynamics, independence, and growing pains set in a very specific time and place insomuch as this story could not have taken place anywhere else. The writing is reminiscent of a more humor-driven Tennessee Williams, and the cast's preparation really showed in monologue after monologue, hitting each nuanced note with care. Not to mention the chemistry between the cast was easy and believable, and the direction was seamless. Highly recommended. ... full review
CASSIE JORDAN certified reviewer June 14, 2019
A very funny, touching play that cuts to the quick and pulls no punches. It’s refreshing to a see a play that tells the truth even when it isn’t pretty! Loved the Southern Florida swamp crabbing characters. Each character was so specific, flawed and different yet relatable. They all were distinctly Southern in attitude, beliefs and cadence. There was not an empty moment even when there was no one speaking. Very moving! A great evening at the theatre!... full review
LIZ KUMMER certified reviewer June 14, 2019
I am a sucker for adorable meet cutes, and this show had a SUPER adorable meet cute. Majorie really goes for it and I loved her work with this character. ... full review
ALEX HATHAWAY encore judge certified reviewer June 14, 2019
Beautifully written piece by Montana Cypress, set in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. A beautiful thought provoking and engaging piece.... full review