A Night Out by Harold Pinter

ensemble theatre · benevitriol productions · Ages 13+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2019
I really enjoyed this mysterious show. Great acting overall, nice pace, smooth transitions and wonderful use of the infamous "Pinter pause". ... full review
BILL RATNER certified reviewer June 28, 2019
tagged as: Dark Comedy
A very likable ensemble effort to lift this 60 year old Pinter play into the 21st century was successful. This dark, absurdist comedy of manners and indictment of middle-class British stiff upper lips still breathes and shocks and makes us laugh thanks to the well-coordinated, tightly directed, and talented troupe of actors whose accents I wondered about in the beginning, but after they warmed to the play and the night's audience the acting and East End accents cracked along into the dark night of this play. This group of actors exhibited a refreshing generosity and cooperative spirit with each other on stage, not wasting a second between scenes and beats. I thoroughly enjoyed this production.... full review
DANIEL FAIGIN certified reviewer June 23, 2019
Full writeup at: https://cahighways.org/wordpress/?p=15395 The story may be a bit incomprehensible (but, hey, this is Pinter), but the acting is top-notch and the show is worth seeing and trying to figure out. The show just needs to promote the wonderful actors better. ... full review