comedy · the naked plumber · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · includes nudity · world premiere · United States of America

To begin her first novel, a cynical writer must resist the temptation to fill the void left by the nonsensical death of her admired brother. However, her only writing apparatus is her indentured Humanoid—a personal robot stocked with Netflix, porn, and existential angst.

In 2069, Even Robots Have A Hole To Fill

A tragicomedy from the naked mind and soul of Corduroy Chapman

Produced by
Chris and Corduroy Chapman

production team

corduroy chapman *

writer, producer, actor - alfred

chris chapman *

executive producer, writer

ammy ontiveros *

actor - hedelle

malachi beasley *

actor - iris/lamar

matthew quinn *

encore producer

ashley trutanich *

costume designer

* Fringe Veteran