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ensemble theatre · the naked plumber · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · world premiere · 45 mins · United States of America

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PIERCE MINOR certified reviewer June 17, 2019
This was a very, VERY interesting ride. Great concept, great writing. Stellar performances!... full review
CHRIS SALAISES certified reviewer June 08, 2019
tagged as: science fiction · smart · funny
It was a very fun commentary on the dependence of technology. The cast did a great job!... full review
FERNANDO CHRISTOPHER certified reviewer June 11, 2019
I enjoyed the show. It was very entertaining. I recommend seeing this production. ... full review
MIRIAM RANDOLPH certified reviewer June 11, 2019
tagged as: witty · fun · Sci-Fi
the humanoid experience is a relatable story about how your right to choose is important. no matter how hard it can be but it's up to you to get off the couch or take a step out the door and see the world. ... full review
PETER FOLDY certified reviewer June 18, 2019
A smart, funny play, The Human(oid) Experience shows us life in the not too distant future, where robots will be our confidants and companions. Good performances, particularly from Corduroy Chapman and Malachi Beasley make this a fun experience. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 14, 2019
tagged as: Fantastic · fun · smart · sexy
My overall impression was positive! All three performers brought their A games. And the writing and directing were phenomenal.... full review
CHASE CARSON certified reviewer June 10, 2019
The Humanoid Experience is a short but delightful story of a humanoid servant waking up in the not-so-far future. Hedelle, the humanoid's owner, uses it for almost everything which creates an unhealthy dependence on Alfred (the humanoid's name) that comes to light when he decides to explore the streets for himself. Full of humor and great one-liners, this is a show that I believe would surprise most people. ... full review
HENRY PARIZEK certified reviewer June 09, 2019
tagged as: introspective · drama · Sci-Fi
The Humanoid Experience was an interesting look at today's society through the lens of a personal robot. You can feel a lot of heart of thought put into the script, which will make you question certain aspects of society and how we use technology as a distraction. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 08, 2019
The Human[oid] Experience was a bold and inspired theatrical rendering of extremely relatable themes surrounding how to navigate love, a career and one’s existence as a young adult in the age of technology. Each actor, including playwright Corduroy Chapman himself, worked from a place of specificity, focus, and commitment to the text to bring out its timeless humanity of what it means to be alive and confused.... full review

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