comedy · the naked plumber · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity world premiere
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June 21, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

I loved the costume for the Humanoid. Malachi Beasley was the highlight of the show for me, showing both deep emotional power and great comedic turns. I loved the issues it dealt with, how reliant we are on technology and how stuck humans can get in their own shit literally and metaphorically.

What I didn't like

The two story lines had a very large break in tone between them. One was emotional and connected, and the other was shallow but funny. I found myself wanting to see more of the Humanoid. What were his experiences? What did he learn about the human condition?

The window open was a bit distracting, as that one guy decided to blast on a megaphone in the middle of a scene, but I liked using it for a moment as a means to reveal the world. I liked the video at the beginning as well.

My overall impression

I walked out of this show with an existential crisis. What does it mean to be an entertainer, an artist, or even alive, in a world that contains as much pain and horror as this one? A little uneven at times and with a tone issue between the two story lines, this is a pressing and smart play about who you are when your technology outgrows you.

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