comedy · the naked plumber · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity world premiere
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PETER FOLDY certified reviewer June 18, 2019
A smart, funny play, The Human(oid) Experience shows us life in the not too distant future, where robots will be our confidants and companions. Good performances, particularly from Corduroy Chapman and Malachi Beasley make this a fun experience. ... full review
MATTHEW ROBINSON certified reviewer June 21, 2019
A no holds barred thought-provoking piece of theatre that makes a lot of bold choices as it takes us through a philosophical questioning of our own purpose. Wisely the play does not give you a distinct answer which makes everything that transpires feel all the more surprisingly genuine and poignant. The performances are strong and the dialogue of arguments feels so authentic I wonder if it was pulled nearly word for word from real life. It was a play that affected many in my audience, who were talking about the show's meaning well after the final bow. ... full review
CHASE CARSON certified reviewer June 10, 2019
The Humanoid Experience is a short but delightful story of a humanoid servant waking up in the not-so-far future. Hedelle, the humanoid's owner, uses it for almost everything which creates an unhealthy dependence on Alfred (the humanoid's name) that comes to light when he decides to explore the streets for himself. Full of humor and great one-liners, this is a show that I believe would surprise most people. ... full review
MARLA BLACK certified reviewer July 01, 2019
Funny, quirky, smart. A very timely and interesting take on the future of technology.... full review
SUSANNAH SNOWDEN-IFFT certified reviewer July 04, 2019
A raw and realistic look at being young and yet an adult and trying to look like you've got it all together when you don't. ... full review
VICTOR SOTOMAYOR certified reviewer July 16, 2019
tagged as: human · technology · toxic dependency
I believe the show needs to develop the main character, Alfred the humanoid, from his primitive state to his update and experience once he left his owner’s home and returned a wiser (?) and enlightened (?) Humanoid. There was little to relate to since we only caught a glimpse of Alfred in the real world. Overall, good acting by Corduroy and Malachi yet the script could use more development, maybe a Humanoid 2.0 experience?... full review
JOHN PATRICK DALY certified reviewer June 21, 2019
I walked out of this show with an existential crisis. What does it mean to be an entertainer, an artist, or even alive, in a world that contains as much pain and horror as this one? A little uneven at times and with a tone issue between the two story lines, this is a pressing and smart play about who you are when your technology outgrows you.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 23, 2019
Touching, funny, prescient. Felt rushed sometimes, but truly touching and poignant. Awesome experimentation as well.... full review