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MICHAEL GORDON SHAPIRO certified reviewer June 23, 2019
A tongue-in-cheek historical vignette, propelled by humor and a deft intermixing of roles by a talented solo performer. ... full review
KALANI QUEYPO certified reviewer June 27, 2019
It was STUNNING work and carried all by a single brilliant actor. It was a lesson on the genesis of Mother's Day and arguably who started it. More importantly, it follows the journey of the credited woman who wanted to abolish it.... full review
CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer June 24, 2019
Truth in Advertising is taking a beating in the shows I've chosen to see at this year's Fringe! This untapped bio of the woman credited with creating Mother's Day was advertised at NINETY (90) minutes but stopped at THIRTY-THREE (33) minutes---and still seemed long for an underdeveloped anecdote! Elise Dewsberry does as well as anyone can playing both characters in a duel of wits (mother & daughter, PLUS President Woodrow Wilson) but the play would be better served with a 2nd actress playing the 2nd character PLUS standby male support as the period POTUS. A single rich costume gets overworked covering all the characters, female and male! The p.d. "song score" is tepid, at best.... full review