dance & physical theatre · mil grus · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 13, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The mood was set perfectly with lights and music. I got a sense of fun and whimsy. The whole troupe is extremely talented. Moments of improv lent a hand to show how spontaneous and connected they were.

What I didn't like

The ending, albeit a great idea, left it anti-climactic and had me confused. It was also the very first show.

My overall impression

A delight for the senses! From the moment the lights go down we are whisked away to this playground where these colorful characters tantalize us to play along. Dean Evans masterfully directs this wildly talented troupe. Absurd, abstract, with the right amount of hysteria and brightness. Exciting to see Buffon in LA. A show not to be missed!

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