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world premiere
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June 12, 2019
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tagged as: Medieval · buffon · absurd · Beautiful · Idiot · french · funny

What I liked

I loved the Snake Puppet bits with Helene Udy and Grayson Morris, including the awesome re-occurrence of this character but… MADE HUGE!

Also the, “pick me” bit really got me laughing. It was so funny and simple . As well as, and I believe this was improvised " yes, that guy wants to kiss you, the one Stage right." OH my god, that killed me. Basically, Helene Udy is a force to be reckoned with in this show, and her little asides and physicality were so thoughtful and BEYOND what we all expected from her little body.

What I didn't like

I was unable to see the Big Snake as the finale. I saw it for a split second, it was gorgeous, and then, The Big Snake was gone. It should be a strong epic finale visual. Also, the three-way story telling in the dark about the boy and the chocolate pie was boring. Definitely can be cut or changed.

My overall impression

I absolutely LOVED IT. It was revolutionary, grotesque, beautiful, and mostly… hilarious. These french medieval Buffon clowns are NOTHING the fringe has ever seen before, this coming from an LA native who’s seen just about everything. I’m always looking for something completely fresh. I took my non-theatre going boyfriend, a regular Joe who works a 9-5 to Mil Grus ( I know, an ambitious beginning…) and he though it was simply fantastic. We laughed our asses off. It was gorgeous and also so deeply rooted in burtal, experimental, idiotic art. More please! The people worked So SO hard, and it really really payed off. I saw all the work they put into it and 100% translated. As i said, WE NEED MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

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