The mAsHeR

loud karma productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere

The Masher is a disturbing and often hysterically funny #MeToo allegory. Three women of wildly different backgrounds find themselves linked together in a minimum wage factory job where they have little more to do than push a button. The work is boring and underpaid, but what they don’t realize is their work is sinister. That button they are pushing is actually the “go” switch for something horrifying. But why? The story watches these women become aware of their place in this diabolical history, their chance to change it and finally in a macabre twist, their chance to avenge their cohort and friend. Like “Hand to God,” “The Masher” should make audiences both deeply emotional and laugh with a “What the hell was that?” response.

Production Team

alton sanders *

business manager

chris smith *

assistant to the producer

sarah [email protected] *

social media manager

matthew quinn *

encore producer

grace jasmine *


megan rees *

supervisor jackson/understudy cassandra

* Fringe Veteran