The London Rose

musicals and operas · cotton blend productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

“The London Rose” tells the story of Edward, a transgender man.

It’s 1895 and Edward Kingsley returns to London after escaping his former life as “Emily”. He builds his new life with help from the quick-thinking Lee, the sardonic Rosanna Winchester, and the tortured, closeted John Collins. When Oscar Wilde’s conviction for homosexuality turns life upside-down in Londontown, Edward must fight for the safety of his loved ones and for his own human dignity.

production team

mia cotton *


oliver rotunno *

edward kingsley/producer

ember everett *

rosanna winchester/producer/costumer

mel glickman *

fight choreographer

andrew tooley *

stage manager

analyse gutierrez *

suffragist/mrs. kingsley/ensemble

jennifer horne *


sarah clingenpeel *


evelyn-rose whitlock *

paper boy/ensemble/production assistant

max mahle *

marcus/ensemble/associate producer

andrew john morrison *


robert w. laur *


nikki knupp *


brian caelleigh *


* Fringe Veteran