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family friendly world premiere

Palmares — a historically based, Capoeira, action, musical. In 1675 a power struggle between King Ganga Zumba and his legendary General Zumbi escalates as they fight to save Brazil’s mightiest freemen colony from Portuguese slavers.

In the late 1600s, the Republic of Palmares was home to thirty thousand “fugitive” slaves. Palmares controlled an area the size of Portugal. For nearly a hundred years, Palmares repelled attacks from both the Dutch and the Portuguese. It was and remains a beacon of hope and a symbol of resistance for all oppressed Brazilians.

The drama unfolds as the warriors of Palmares battle against the Portuguese to maintain freedom from slavery in Brazil. King Ganga Zumba and his brilliant general, Zumbi, defeat the European invaders. Weary of constant warfare, Ganga Zumba frees the captured Portuguese soldiers, including the Bush Captain (a hunter of fugitive slaves), hoping to initiate a truce with the newly appointed Portuguese Governor. The Bush Captain soon returns to Palmares with a royal invitation to review terms for peace. Is the offer real, or is the trap set?

“Palmares” is a unique synthesis of modern story telling, combined with the profound richness of Afro-Brazilian culture, including aspects of Capoeira, Maculelê, Afro-Brazilian Folkloric dance, Candomblé, drumming and singing.

World Premiere. Limited 5 shows. Get your tickets today!

Production Team

felicia "onyi" richards *

associate producer

maurice shaw *


chandler evans *


* Fringe Veteran