Felicia "Onyi" Richards

Felicia “Onyi” Richards, is multidisciplinary creative and multi-modality healer that weaves together skills across the spectrum of art to curate content and experiences of high integrity, quality, and potency. She is the Founder & CEO of ONYI LOVE LLC, a company dedicated to guiding people through their journey of awareness and transformation.

As a creative artist, Onyi expresses herself through music, dance, reflective writing, storytelling, imagery, and acting. She has worked with artists/groups and in productions such as: Lazaro Galarraga, Angel Luis Figueroa, L’Esprit D’Afrique, Rocky Dawuni, Amen Santo and Brasil Brasil Cultural Center, The Mels, Viver Brasil Dance Company, Tristan de Liège, Batu Sener, Magatte Fall, George Kallis, Goddess Black, David Bianchi, Wade In The Water. She has also produced her own concerts, recorded music, and other creative works.

Within her healing work, Onyi utilizes modalities including PureBioenergy, Sound Healing, Ritual/Ceremony, and Spiritual Life Coaching. She studies with various elders, masters, and leaders to continuously cultivate her practice. She has facilitated several 1:1 or group healing experiences, educational workshops, and discussions that have supported hundreds of individuals in person and virtually.

Onyi is a practitioner of Ìfá, the traditional system of the Yorùbá people; within it, she is initiated into the priestesshood of Ọṣun and Ọbatala. She is a member of the LA-based Ifa community Ile Orunmila Afedefeyo, led by Awo Falokun Faṣegun and Iya Fayomi Ọṣundoyin Egbeyemi. While Ìfá is her primary practice, she appreciates and explores all ways humans navigate their connections to Source.

Onyi brings a strong element of grounding to all she does, given her understanding of the logistical, practical, and mundane; while simultaneously tapping into the higher and seemingly untouchable realms of the energetic and spiritual. She bridges the gap to allow for a holistic, fully embodied and uplifting experience that is palpable to all who encounter her.