Nayla Santo

Nayla Santo is a passionate proponent of history, culture, inclusivity and community. Through her distinct Curating capacity, and as Director of Brasil Brasil Cultural Center, Capoeira Batuque and Ballet Folclorico Do Brasil, she has always been an advocate for artists while honoring their respective art forms by creating a platform and space for expression and exploration.
Nayla has produced an array of events, dance and musical performances, theatrical performances, tours, musical albums, exhibitions, seminars, trips, graduations and festivals.
Furthermore, her heart lays in the hands of the youth and as the Executive Director of Capoeira Batuque’s Youth Program, Nayla is extremely committed to working with the next generation using Art Education as a vehicle to providing tools and incorporating mindfulness and SEL in all her teachings in order to encourage positive social interaction and awareness.
Nayla continues to seek and pursue creative ways to find balance within work by bringing elements of consciousness into all her projects and within all her collaborations.