comedy · zero effort productions · Ages 21+ · United States of America

world premiere

Rootbeer isn’t rootbeer. Or is it? Is it a product for consumption or is it mystery, conflict and revelation? Something’s can’t be understood with the mind but with the intestines. Rootbeer is involved with the answer but life isn’t that easy, is it? Ask the oldest person you know, and that person probably will not have teeth. That’s not their fault.


Plot: The best twenty best friends meet up at a familiar decently-priced pizza parlor called the Firehouse where some serious drama unfolds…or doesn’t.. or even worse: ROOTBEER.

Our reviews:

“A free show that makes you wish you’d payed real money to see a better show… an even slightly better show.. fuck…”
-Colon Mitchum

“Night of the Rootbeer asks the question, ’what questions should be asked by the theatre and why should we care?”
-Una Hagen

“Who farted? Never mind it was the show.”
-Sam Shepard

“Night of the Rootbeer doth strive and merrily succeeds in its trite irrelevance.”
-William Shat-speare

“It will inspire you to get off your ass and write something better because yes, even YOU can write something better than Night of the Rootbeer”
- Amy Sherman-Pelladildo

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran