JJ Mayes

Has brought you such fringe hits as Definition of Man (HFF17 Best Dance & Physical Theater & Ripest Show winner), Easy Targets (HFF17 Best Comedy), and Cookie & The Monster (HFF15 Best Ensemble Theater). He also brought you last year’s The David Mayes show. He is a long time member of Sacred Fools and spent the last 8 years producing their late night hit show Serial Killers!

This year he is excited to bring you a show born in Serial Killers – The Word! He also is pretty sure he’s directing Night of the Rootbeer.


When a 5 year old uses a racial epithet a man sets fire to his relationship with his sister, setting into motion a series of events that have tragic consequences for both of their families. www.haddonpark.com

An Excuse To Behave Badly

It's 2AM. It's Halloween. The bars are closed. The Uber is late. The creeps are out. But these women got this! Don't miss the Pay What You Can preview of this outrageous new comedy June 9th @2PM! Tickets for all other shows $10!