JJ Mayes

Has brought you such fringe hits as Definition of Man (HFF17 Best Dance & Physical Theater & Ripest Show winner), Easy Targets (HFF17 Best Comedy), and Cookie & The Monster (HFF15 Best Ensemble Theater). He also brought you last year’s The David Mayes show. He is a long time member of Sacred Fools and spent the last 8 years producing their late night hit show Serial Killers!

This year he is excited to bring you a show born in Serial Killers – The Word! He also is pretty sure he’s directing Night of the Rootbeer.

2 for 1

Two hilarious one woman shows for the price of one! It's double the self-indulgence! Double the breakdowns! And twice you’ll ask — Is she okay?


CORINA: FROM LAP DANCE TO SUNDANCE is a one-woman show about finding purpose and direction to a life long dream in the least likely of places. A story of family, tradition and perseverance. SC Honorable Mention- HFF19