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The First And The Last

ddb prod. · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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This piece explores the meaning of faith, self-forgiveness, pride, damnation, and everything in-between! For Biblical fanatics and atheists alike, this is one of the best plays that this year's Fringe has to offer! Everyone needs to see this so I can rave to them more about this show, but I don't want to post any spoilers (without a warning, of course)!... full review
DENISE BARRETT certified reviewer June 03, 2018
I found this show really interesting - we get to see the other side of the story from some of our historical/biblical villains. It's an interesting look at what is sin and is it always bad? Nicely unfolded story with really solid acting.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2018
This show was an in depth but fast paced inquiry of what is truely evil . The interplay between characters was interesting and thought provoking. The ensemble's ability to make the dialogue appear so spontaneous and keep the pace moving kept me involved throughout the performance. I wish I had the oppotunity to see it again. ... full review
CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer June 25, 2018
Eight hostile people hanging around a bar... Well, that could lead anywhere (and has) but when The Bartender turns out to be The Devil you immediately have a good idea where you're headed! Fortunately, Ani Marderosian has written a smart cogent allegory and got an excellent cast (3 fem, 5 male) to play "real life" characters ranging from Biblical days to the American Revolution. (Spoiler Alert!) They're all Traitors of one sort or another, so if you've ever wondered what Delilah and Benedict Arnold might have to say to each other this is a pretty good guess---and it even comes to a Happy Ending, sort of!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2018
The show was fantastic! The writing and story was excellent and thought provoking. In addition, it was very well cast. Each of the ensemble members was very strong and contributed to the story. I particularly liked the characters of Salome, Judas and Lucifer. Alexa Vellanoweth's portrayal of Salome was both insightful and amusing at the same time. Her monologue brought to light the fancies of a young, spoiled girl yet was very touching. She brought a light heartedness to the play and a comedic element that was a good change of pace during some very serious scenes, yet she showed a level of maturity and insight in her contributions to the adult discussions. I would highly recommend this show.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2018
Interesting concept regarding biblical and political characters. All actors performed their parts well with well-balanced parts.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2018
I loved this show. The talented cast works well together. Brilliant story, directed and staged perfectly.... full review
ALEXANDER COBB June 24, 2018
The First And The Last was an excellent performance diving into the curiosity everyone has about people who end up spending their eternity down below. I personally loved the head scratcher questions they posed to us and the excecution the actors provided for each character, especially Delilah, Eve, and Brutis. Would absolutely recommend to a friend!... full review
What a great concept and the show was also incredible. I loved each character and the moments that they all got to have. As an audience member, I loved watching each character's monologue and try to solve who they were. Everything unfolded so nicely and the dynamics of each character pitted up against the other characters was riveting. Great writing and beautiful acting! Congrats ... full review
ANDREW PLAZAS June 14, 2018
Wildly original! Ambitious and Powerful. A great show to catch at Fringe this year. ... full review

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