Cthulhu: the Musical!

musicals and operas · puppeteers for fears · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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SARA A certified reviewer June 22, 2018
tagged as: puppet · camp · musical
A light hearted take on unspeakable horrors. Enjoyable. Would recommend if you are into camp or Cthulhu. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2018
I'm sorry. I really, really am. But this was just bad. Not bad in a fun way, not enjoyable bad, just... bad. At least, the first half was. We walked out during intermission. The scenes went on too long. The songs went on too long. The jokes didn't work... there was halfhearted applause and occasional chuckles from the audience, but it was pretty quiet overall. I apologize, I know it was hard work, but this felt like a first draft that was being workshopped and needed another six months of previews and rewrites to make it better.... full review
MARK BERGQUIST certified reviewer June 24, 2018
Cthulhu the Musical was filled with Wonderful energy and humor - emoted through Expressive puppetry action and catchy musical backing ! Lots of jokes and satirical riffing on the typical scenes and stock characters to be found in the Cthulhu mythos. For hardcore Cthulhu mythos fans like myself - we already know that the outcomes are usually bleak. Everyone either: a) Ends up suffering a Horribly Unspeakable End, b) Ends up in Shrieking Insanity, - or at best c) there are just a Few Traumatized Survivors. The only question is - how do we get there ? The Puppeteers for Fears troupe led us there with many songs, a Fine combination of back ground projection and live action puppetry, and engaging music to suit each moment ! ... full review
RUSSELL EATON certified reviewer June 25, 2018
tagged as: puppets · Lovecraft · horror comedy · musical
There is a fun premise here. The concept of adapting this story with music and puppets is worth trying. Unfortunately, the performance I saw had major sound issues and was too long.... full review
CATHERINE CURTIS certified reviewer June 25, 2018
Cute puppets doing Lovecraft: how could you miss this?... full review