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family friendly one person show
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June 08, 2018
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What I liked

“There’s more wisdom in just one of Shakespeare’s plays than all the great sacred texts ever written..”

What I didn't like

(Kearney didn’t need the fat suit to exude jolly corpulence. He already had it. Just my opinion;)

My overall impression

It isn’t often when you are treated to the experience of seeing someone speak directly and passionately about something that matters to them. Well let me tell you something, the writer/actor/director Ernest Kearney is ALWAYS passionate, in passing barroom banter, in is previous work, and INGERSOLL SPEAKSAGAIN is no different. Kearney is walking vehemence, instilling every idea, nay every sentence with significance. He is on a mission. And this is not about politics – as this is NOT a political portrait. It’s an ode to wisdom, and the ever-immediate need for it in a country that often flees from reason by way of the sensational or blissful ignorance. In this way INGERSOLL is a call to arms, that frames a historic figure, who is a walking anacronym and sounds as modern as any of us. Portrayed by Kearney as having, a big belly, uncompromisingly honest insight and genuine compassion, this hour-long Ingersoll Introduction is heavy with its lessons but the result of these endeavors to enlighten, go far towards resurrecting this critic’s hopes for Humanity and made me aware of my own American responsibilities through Kearney’s passionate-yet-steady delivery of Ingersoll’s lost voice of reason in a world gone mad.

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