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DENISE BARRETT certified reviewer June 03, 2018
Ingersoll is a fun amd interesting look at the writings of a now rarely heard of historical figure. It centers around his writings and opinions about religion. The actor/writer is clearly very passionate about the man Ingersoll and this shines through the entire performance. Its quite maddening so little has changed for society since the 1800s.... full review
JULES BORACK certified reviewer June 24, 2018
The show was especially significant. The story was remarkably entertaining and educational. Robert Ingersoll was an extraordinary subject for exploration. Ernest Kearney's performance was riveting as he captures Ingersoll's passion and intellect. The script builds to a powerful climax and begs the audience to want to discover more about the protagonist.... full review
MATT RITCHEY certified reviewer June 23, 2018
A stirring performance, a great script, a great message! Kearney brings to life a man and a message needed throughout time, but certainly in our current climate. Sure, the message appeals to my ideologies, but it’s great from a historical and personal standpoint to see someone preaching fire I agree with! ... full review
LEAH VERRILL certified reviewer June 23, 2018
Such an important message. Very pertinent to our current state of affairs. ... full review
VIN SINISCALCHI certified reviewer June 22, 2018
Instead of these self-serving and megacorporation-serving talking heads blathering all over AM radio and endless tv channels and innumerable websites, WE ABSOLUTELY NEED a man like Bob Ingersoll back in the world to directly address the evils, the lies, the hypocrisy. Earnest's love for this man from recent history shines ever more brightly this year.... full review
JEAN MINUCHIN certified reviewer June 22, 2018
Ingersoll speaks again was fascinating. First that such a prominent figure could be so forgotten in history. The acting was truly superb and spoken directly to the audience so it was as if we were in conversation with Ingersoll. The content was highly thought provoking and oddly contemporary. It brought to mind the ultra conservative religious right on the one hand, the lies of American politicians and on the other I wondered what my Christian African American friends would think and feel about such an outright attack on the Bible and Christianity. Even for myself who is not religious but spiritual (and there is a difference) the arguments were at times provoking like all good theater and at times just a wonderful cry for human justice.... full review
DANIEL MINUCHIN certified reviewer June 22, 2018
It was marvelous. Robert Ingersoll was famous in his time. And we got to sit in on one of his lectures. What was amazing is that though the words were actually written more than a hundred years ago, this talk on religion and politics could have been written yesterday, and felt particularly relevant to what is happening in this country today.... full review
ANGELA ACUNA certified reviewer June 19, 2018
I was amazed how ahead of his time Ingersoll was on so many issue (race, women's rights, religion, etc). The man would likely be considered radical if he lived today! Even more impressive was Kearney's portrayal. With a larger than life figure such as Ingersoll, it would be easy to seem a pale copy or to reduce the man to sound bytes. Kearney brings passion,wit and humanity in his writing and acting as Ingersoll giving him new life even in 2018. I was captivated from start to finish. In short: the subject was interesting, the delivery was wonderful, and there was not a dull moment to be found!... full review
CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer June 18, 2018
Even with 379 or so competitors, Robert Ingersoll (1833-1899), as inhabited by Ernest Kearney, is clearly The Wittiest and Most Literate Star of this year's Fringe! This isn't the first time Mr Kearney has excavated History to recreate an unjustly forgotten giant of the mind, and it (hopefully) won't be the last. This is certainly The Best, though---or, at least, the hardest to top! An Hour (and then some) with Robert Ingersoll will introduce you to a literate contrary thinker of a century ago, from a time when public speaking was its own art form---and Mr Kearney, Ingersoll's interpreter, is a master of that, too! ... full review
KATHIE BARNES certified reviewer June 17, 2018
This show surpassed my expectations by far!! WHAT A TERRIFIC SHOW !!!! The writing, the acting and even the costume were Magnificent. I loved the way the actor related to the audience and to the props and mostly to Ingersoll. Excellent play!!!... full review