Comedy · badass spinster productions · Ages 21+ · United States of America

world premiere

Somewhere in the LBC (Long Beach, CA)…
A Woman of Color’s hysterically/awkwardly/painfully personal narrative as a devout spinster/ accidental cougar/badass (mis)adventuress, irreverently tackling women’s issues such as reproductive health (from first gyno exam to hysterectomy), New World Dating (a fan base of adolescents and convelescents), and born-again virginity (elective celibacy despite high libido), baffling the masses by defying stereotypes (“Why have you never married? You’re so beautiful!”), with a yummy sprinkling of mental illness, body issues, and questionable sex partners!
A traumatizing relationship disaster that makes Hurricane Katrina look like April Showers (ER psych hold? It ain’t the Marriott.) compels her to check herself into Romance Rehab. She goes from Dating Detox, a self-imposed, years-long, celibacy-based healing journey, to getting her brains banged out by a gorgeous 21-year-old. (Oh, yeah—and there’s other cool stuff in between!)

100% BIPOC cast& crew incl LGBTQA+
Featuring 10 FAB actors in LA and 1 FAB lady in NYC!
“whip-smart” “dangerously honest” “sex positive”
“audacioulsy brilliant” “irreverant portayal of women’s sexuality”
“touching, relatable stories that need to be told”

JOIN THE PARTY! BYOB/LYOJ Bring Your Own Booze; Leave Yo Judgement! (Booze is good for that ;-)

Joy Jan Jones, a NYC-based opera and pop vocalist and songwriter generously provides us with FEMME-FIRED pre-show music. Her vocal stylings hark back to the soulful pop divas of the 70s and 80s. (Think Evelyn “Champagne” King, and Deniece Williams.)


PUSSY POWER the PLAYLIST: Get in the spirit with music from the show!

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Production Team

courtney yuen *

tango friend/fake boyfriend-ali wong lookalike/woman (beautiful like barbie)

mikaela murph *

video editor

ebony wimbs *

woman (uber babies and blind donkeys; don't count your harvested eggs before they're hatched; prince of egypt re-cast w/ prince of bombay)

omari williams *

bryce/island mon/surgeon/ian kerner vo/steve harvey vo

keith rollins *

ex-boyfriend/ mr. all-wine-no-action

cammie middleton *

woman (don't ask, don't tell )/virginia

roshan mathews *

fonz/mr. roarke/miami vice jr./denny-danny/slutty underwear model/matthew hussey vo/prince of bombay

lainnie contreras felán *

woman (tango nerd fetish)

poonam basu *

drunk girl/lil wingwoman

syn syn *

head badass bitch in charge/cast member

joy jan jones *

original pre-show music--composer & vocalist

rachel harris *

live stream photographer/producer & audio visual operator

* Fringe Veteran