Cammie Middleton

Cammie Middleton (Woman/Virginia) is an accomplished actor, voice over artist, and Jazz & Blues vocalist. She recently portrayed Stagecoach Mary to rave reviews in the hit TV series, Wild West Chronicles, and wowed over 70 million fans as Ms. Audrey in the TV hit, Double Cross, and as Mrs. Henderson on Crypt TV’s Taste. Cammie has also appeared in and provided voice over work for over 30 commercials, music videos, podcasts and video games including Vela in Earth Eclipsed ( #11 on Apple Sci Fi Podcast charts), Wild Things Animal Adventures, Jane Austen Solitaire Super Gaming, and more. Cammie cut her teeth in theater at City Players Theater Company while attending the Conservatory & School for the Arts in St. Louis, MO. She has toured the U.S. with the Metro Theater Company in Super Cowgirl & Mighty Miracle, and co-starred in First Run Theater’s world premiere play, Trick and Antonia . Cammie also appeared in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival’s immersive play and Golden Key Award winner; Rochester 1996, and Men-O-Pause- Ages of the Colors of Love Stageplay to rave reviews. Her great appeal is her versatility, and chameleon looks. #cammiemiddletonactor
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