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The Next Best Thing

theatre · antonio sacre and pan productions · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States

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MARK BALLOU uncertified reviewer June 17, 2011
Went in feeling down. Left transformed. Another stellar piece from this master storyteller. ... full review
KIMLEIGH SMITH uncertified reviewer June 20, 2011
Tears stream, laughter rolls out of me like a school girl, I giggle and am full! Something in this story has taken me and there is no turning back! I have seen this amazing man perform two different shows and various other pieces and I am always taken by his ability to tell a story in the most beautiful way! You can not miss this show, I can not miss this show! Go get your tickets now and I mean now! The journey of love awaits you! ... full review
SAM VIEIRA uncertified reviewer June 23, 2011
A mesmerizing storyteller, engaging, funny and touching. If it is within your power, go and see this show.... full review
MICHAEL FALCON uncertified reviewer June 26, 2011
Astounding. Out walks an apparently unassuming and understated man in casual clothing; an hour later you're transformed via what seems, as you attempt inadequately to describe it, a monologue that begins with a simple question to the audience, uses relationships (and one specific relationship)as it dances into belief and belief systems, seems to wander---I emphasize "seems," as this casualness is a hallmark of the master storyteller--through meta-observations about teaching (and learning even more lessons via the people you are ostensibly teaching), and encompasses...hmmm...oh, those core relevancies we would often prefer to walk around before Sacre circles and comes back to the initial question. You are now reframed and prepared to answer i... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 17, 2011
WOW - simply amazing! Antonio uses every bit of his Irish-American and Cuban ancestry to take us on a journey into the very essence of love. I left with many questions and insights into the price of love and its intrinsic value - a definite MUST SEE! This show deserves to be crowd "TOP OF THE FRINGE!"... full review
CINDY MARIE JENKINS certified reviewer June 10, 2011
"The Next Best Thing" is one of those amazing experiences one can only have thanks to a Fringe Festival Brochure. I made time in my schedule to pop my Fringe cherry with a preview, and reserved a ticket with no prior knowledge. I had instant assurance from fellow artists that Antonio Sacre was a wonderful choice, and they spoke truth. It's just a man in a chair talking to us. Until it isn't, and I really can't say more without giving the experience away. Rest assured that Sacre and his Director Paul Stein master both simplicity and theatricality, perfectly suited to the stories he tells in "The Next Best Thing." There are many worthy shows out there; make time to see this one.... full review
TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer June 12, 2011
Theatre Critic from www.stageandcinema here. There is no doubt that Mr. Sacre is a gifted and compelling storyteller: I am sure that he could create an engaging piece about reading the morning paper. In THE NEXT BEST THING, a relationship that goes from Chicago to New York to Hollywood is examined with bittersweet clarity. It fascinates how Mr. Sacre is able to incorporate other themes along the journey, but the piece overall feels languid and lacks an urgency that is most necessary to bring the story to life. Even with a fascinating use of language, this solo outing was delivered as if we were having a cup of coffee at a diner, instead of using the stage as a vehicle to heighten the emotion and characters in the story. It starts out promisi... full review