Apathy Killed the Cat

Drama · n/a · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2017
No... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 04, 2017
Apathy is a unique theatrical experience. It combines traditional dramatic elements with more experimental, avant grade type performance art elements for a truly immersive hour and half or theatre. ... full review
MICHAEL VAN DUZER stage happenings & showmag certified reviewer June 11, 2017
Lisman has interesting ideas and a very personal point of view. I'll be interested to see how he develops.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 13, 2017
This is for the actors: You were all wonderful. The audience can tell how much work you have put into your craft. As for the script...I wasted my money seeing this show.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 13, 2017
tagged as: moving · thought provoking
Apathy Killed The Cat dealt with some issues that many people don't talk about often and I think it handled it well. The use of the dream sequence in the show really showed you the issues that the main character was struggling with. Overall, it was an enjoyable watch and a little refreshing on the storytelling topics. A real must see of a play.... full review
KURT GARDNER blogcritics, artsbeatla certified reviewer June 15, 2017
The performers all fulfill their roles well, especially Stall and Woodley, whose edgy relationship is essential to the piece. Lisman’s direction is effective, particularly during the surreal fantasy sequences.... full review
RACHEL FLANAGAN discover hollywood magazine certified reviewer June 26, 2017
Apathy Killed the Cat is a one-act play written and directed by Ryan Lisman and premiering at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival. The play centers around an unstable playwright named Colin (Aaron Stall). Colin is slowly losing his grip on what little control he has over his life as his mom is lying catatonic in the hospital and his treasured cat Rosebud is on her last life. While he has a loving and devoted girlfriend Lily (Autumn Bruewer), he is tortured by a secret sexual desire that no one, himself included, can understand.... full review
RUSSELL EATON http://www.myhauntlife.com certified reviewer June 16, 2017
Looking for some challenging adult content at this year’s Fringe? This might be the show for you. Exploring the world of a stressed out playwright named Colin, he finds that things can go from stressful to borderline suicidal rather quickly. Weirdly balancing fantasy, comedy, heavy drama and some truly awkward family dynamics along the way, this piece is a call for people to simply respect one another and try to understand each other without irrational judgement. The is one of the most positive shows I have seen so far at Fringe, even if that positive message is hidden amongst some very dark ideas. (It should be noted this show contains some very adult conversations and nudity.)... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 23, 2017
EXTEND THIS NOW.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 14, 2017
This is not a show for the faint of heart. See this show if you would like to see something you will most certainly not see anywhere else. ... full review