Trixie: The Musical

musicals and operas · decker dellorusso productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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LAURA WILEY certified reviewer June 02, 2017
It's a fantastic musical that really explores the world of mental health and makes you think. So happy it was the first show i saw this Fringe, perfect way to kick off the festival! Lots of talent in this cast, you won't be disappointed! ... full review
WHITNEY PEPPER certified reviewer June 18, 2017
tagged as: comedy · drama · mental health · dark humor · musical
I cannot say enough good things about Trixie: The Musical. I went in with extremely high expectations, and they were still exceeded. Emily Decker is an exceptionally talented writer, singer, actor, and mental health professional. Her show is smart, witty, and incredibly touching, helping you explore feelings that you may not have known existed. Her cast was perfect, bringing incredible life to very real characters. If you see one show this year at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, or anywhere at all, please see this one. You can validate me later.... full review
CAMI HAMILTON certified reviewer June 02, 2017
Really impressed! Highly recommended to all.... full review
AUSTIN SCHUMACHER certified reviewer June 17, 2017
Absolutely brilliant! This piece is an absolute must-see. Undoubtedly the best show I have seen yet. Absolutely revolutionary.... full review
JESSICA JILL TURNER certified reviewer June 18, 2017
This show is profound, tender and brilliantly funny. It gives voice and song to a swath of mental illnesses through irresistible characters, all under the "care" of the bent but well-meaning Trixie, and it does so with sparkling humor and deep pathos. Insights are offered, but are rendered with enough subtlety and complexity, that I have been thinking about this show since I saw it three days ago. I want to see it again, I want to think about it more. I suspect Emily Decker is on to something that is a rare and amazing thing, a show that is not only absorbingly entertaining, but unexpectedly healing as well.... full review
DAVID PANNKUK certified reviewer June 19, 2017
This show is perfect. It always stays focused, the jokes are on point, and the artists' passion is always on display. ... full review
ANNETTE LUNA certified reviewer June 19, 2017
You've got one more chance to see this show! Do not miss it. The story, the level of talent and the commitment to this project blow my mind! All of the actors brought their A games. The writer and star of the show, Emily, is out of this world talented! The entire crowd was laughing the entire show. The writing is not only funny, it's smart too! ... full review
TRAVIS SANTIAGO certified reviewer June 19, 2017
Brilliant! Best show I have seen this year. ... full review
LYNDSEY WEGNER certified reviewer June 27, 2017
What a great show that shows the depths of mental illness and brings a twist you never see coming all while bringing some fun music and great acting!... full review
DAVID BRUNDIGE certified reviewer June 01, 2017
Trixie: The Musical does for today's emotionally attuned what Fight Club did for late-90's masculine-challenged, but better. Each song tops the next, passionately dancing the line between humor and drama until that line looks like smeared lipstick. Emily Decker earns every tear and laugh she produces, and brings an informed and honest soul to what first appears to be joyful whimsy. I highly recommend seeing this now, as I enjoyed it more than every Broadway show I saw in New York this year.... full review