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Five Uneasy Pieces

theatre · devoted, inc. · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

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KEVIN OESER June 12, 2011
I liked this! And I generally am wary of one-person shows in all their forms. But this was put together by two consummate professionals with a great crew and it shows in every aspect of the production. Six characters played with frightening consistency by Todd Waring, the show follows a classic-yet-not-predictable formula that begins with a little humor, dips into seriousness, peppers the second half with a little more humor, and close to the end of each monologue sucker punches the audience in the gut, guards having been dropped from all that humor. It works quite well. Have I seen similar work before? Yes. But do I grow tired of it? Never. Well done to all, a real treat at this year's Fringe. ... full review
JOSH ZUCKERMAN June 11, 2011
Simple wonderful! Beautiful stories and characterizations -- a fantastic night at the theater!... full review
Grace, elegance, convulsive hilarity, genius writing, awe-striking acting. I laughed and cried -- he's amazing. I have to go again.... full review
JANET VARNEY June 11, 2011
This is a SHOCKINGLY great show. I cannot recommend it enough. I'm kind of a grump when it comes to one person shows- yes, I'm one of millions- and this stands so far above and beyond anything I've seen of that ilk... it's not even fair to call it a one-person show. It's better than most full company production, and the direction and music are wonderful. That's it! I have to rave about it! I have no choice!... full review
NICK MARTIN June 13, 2011
Well-acted, well-performed, with Mr. Waring displaying a wide range with generous helpings of his substantial talents.It’s funny, sad, poignant, and unsettling all at once. I especially enjoyed the third monologue, which involves a martini, a cigarette, and Goodnight, Moon (need I say more). I also enjoyed the musical stylings of bass player! This is a real gem, don’t miss it.... full review
JULIA DRAKE June 14, 2011
The first time I saw this show I was absolutely stunned by the range of characters and the emotions their troubled lives inspired in me. I wanted to condemn them but instead I couldn't help identifying with their struggles, with all this flawed humanness, good and bad all twisted up in one person. Todd Waring is an amazingly talented actor, slipping in and out of each character with such grace and a presence that is absolutely uncanny. This is a must-see!!!... full review
PJ WALSH June 26, 2011
Todd Warning in FIVE UNEASY PIECES is a complete master. He disappears into each character with so much conviction & attention to the utmost detail. I was completely blown away! A joy to watch, feel & experience. With a closing character that cannot be missed! I'm laughing thinking & writing about it! Don't miss his talent & great play!... full review
TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer July 19, 2011
Tony Frankel, theatre critic for Stage and Cinema here. Here is a link to my review of FIVE UNEASY PIECES. full review
RYAN KARLOFF hollywood fringe correspondence certified reviewer June 16, 2011
Best one-person show I've ever seen-- funny and serious, engaging and light. Absolutely incredible. A must see!... full review
PAULINE ADAMEK artsbeat la June 15, 2011
Five Uneasy Pieces Review by Pauline Adamek This review first appeared in the LA Weekly [link below] Todd Waring's impressive self-penned solo show (with moody live accompaniment on double bass from Lyman Medeiros) plays like an actor's show reel. His six short monologues demonstrate the middle-aged actor's command of a range of accents and personae, while the unpredictable subject matter swerves between dark, sinister, and emotional. Characters range from a crotchety old black woman (with perfect, quaint Southern intonations) to a jovial Australian art instructor (broad accent is passable) whose simmering rage inadvertently surfaces in an art class, to a foul-mouthed street gangster and a tough-talking Special Ops sergeant ... full review

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