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The Yogamerican Dream

comedy · shanti shanti yoga · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

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ALEXIS KEMP May 11, 2011
Casey's show The Yogamerican Dream is a brilliant portrayal of the many types of yogis in America today. She captures the good, the bad and the funny in an amazing one woman show. Casey not only performs very advanced and challenging yoga poses, but shares the deep emotional effect yoga can have on people of all ages, gender and ethnicity. Wonderfully written, directed and performed! This is not a show to be missed!! ... full review
JILL LAWRENCE April 15, 2011
"Casey Gates kidnaps your sense of reality as she morphs into seven hilarious characters! She encompasses the spirit of yoga by creating such a mental, emotional and spiritually entertaining show that you can't help but just be in the moment. I left feeling fulfilled, inspired and happy :) " -Jill Anenberg, Host, Comedian & Actor... full review
BRIGITTE BOULAY April 18, 2011
Casey lights up the room with her energy and passion. Not only did I almost pee my pants from laughter but she had a wonderful message!... full review
LESLIE JOLENE April 20, 2011
Awesome and exciting one woman show. I had the opportunity to see this production at two venues: Los Angeles and Long Beach. Each time I was amazed at Casey's effortless transition from one character to the next. I felt like I was experiencing 7 diverse people on stage, rather than one very talented actor. I loved the journey from hilarious to tragic. A must see performance!... full review
JAZMINE GREEN April 15, 2011
I have seen a previous production of Yogamerican Dream and highly recommend it, not only to Los Angeles yogis, but to anyone curious about the world inspired by what happens on a mat. Casey Gates' performance is simply dazzling. With a keen sense of timing and humor, she dances between the hilarious and the profound, digging into the core of the human experience. The show follows the arc of a yoga class, beginning with an introduction and ending in Savasana. Throughout the show, Casey introduces the audience to yogis of all kinds who approach yoga each in a unique way--sometimes comedic, sometimes quite touching. I was particularly moved by her portrayal of a middle aged, New Jersey, bar fly who turns to yoga in the quest fo... full review
KAT PRIMEAU April 18, 2011
This is a review of the production of YD that was at the Elephant in 2010: Playfully directed by Jeremy Aluma, The Yogamerican Dream paints a hilarious and heartwarming picture of the multifarious contemporary yoga practitioner. I laughed out loud, I marveled at Gates' yogic abilities, and I enjoyed the ride as she shared many perspectives and glided from one unique character to the next. The director and yogi have continued to develop the piece since I last saw it, and I look forward to seeing what they have done. I felt that, as a new piece, it still needed to decide exactly what audience it is for and what it was trying to assert, if anything. Was very smart, funny and had great pace, so I enjoyed it a lot even with those questions ... full review
GLORIA ZINNO April 26, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed Casey's performance in the Yogamerican Dream. She was both hilarious and dead on with the characters she portrayed throughout the play. Casey drew the audience in, anticipating the next character! While very funny, Casey was able to effectively deliver a highly entertaining as well as thought provoking performance as everyone can relate to trying to do it all and have it all...and this very talented performer successfully brought that message through. I liked it so much I will be seeing it again, and bringing some friends with me! ... full review
STEVEN GOULD June 02, 2011
Hysterical. Casey is wonderful. No matter what your knowledge of yoga is, this show is for everyone. It is comical, touching and highly enjoyable. Casey displays powerful writing, acting and comedy skills. Do yourself a favor and see the show. You won't regret it.... full review
DAVID SCALES June 13, 2011
Some shows inform and some shows delight. Some make us laugh, while still others give us pause. And some do it all. With "The Yogamerican Dream," Casey Gates (RYT 500) has written a show that, in sixty minutes, journeys from the quaint to the profound. She delivers an inspired performance that includes seven different characters and tackles nearly every facet of yoga in America today, including its steadfast rise in popularity, its numerous healing properties, and its recent corporate exploitation. Casey transitions seamlessly from one yogi to the next, both male and female, old and young, expert and beginner, and does so with the expertise of a seasoned actor and yoga instructor. Playing in the cozy ArtWorks Theatre, "The Yogamerican Dre... full review
RON COLLINS June 20, 2011
Casey Gates creates a myriad of characters that will have you laughing out loud. Who know so many peoiple did yoga.... full review

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