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I Do Card Tricks And I'm Funny

cabaret & variety · jon armstrong · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States

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JASON SMISKO June 13, 2011
At some point, you quickly give up trying to figure it out; you stop fighting it and you just enjoy each card trick in rapid succession. Suitable for adults and teens, Jon engages the entire crowd into his act. Your laughter will break up your "OMGs" and "WTFs." I saw the preview show last night with my kids and we were thoroughly entertained/mesmerized. More than card tricks and magic, it's a witty and funny conversation with just the right amount of sarcasm. And, I'm still glad I didn't touch the fuzzy part of the watch. Don't ask.... full review
LISA FIORITO June 13, 2011
If you like quick wit, interactive humor and card tricks that twist your brain in amazement, this is the show to see. I was having so much fun I couldn't believe the hour went by so fast. The title of the show is modest-I would call it "I do truly unbelievable card tricks and I'm disarmingly funny". ... full review
CAROLINE SHARP June 18, 2011
What it says on the label: some of the most mind-bendingly amazing card tricks you will ever see in your life performed adeptly by Jon Armstrong with a shot of his dry nerdy humor. One of the best hours you can spend at Fringe!... full review
I'm a fan of close up magic. I know how a lot of these tricks are done. I sat about six feet from Jon as he was doing his routine and... I couldn't see how he was doing any of it. It was absolutely unbelievable. I actually gasped out loud on several occasions. Smooth, funny and sly, Jon has the audience in the palm of his hand for the entire hour. Go see this show. You will thank me later.... full review
A black-box theater might not seem like an optimal space for an interactive close up magic show, but Jon Armstrong changed a sterile theater into a living room in a matter or seconds. I immediately felt like my fellow audience members were friends rather than strangers because of the way Jon broke the ice with his humor. I visibly saw the members in the audience, who at the beginning of the show sat with blank expressions and their arms crossed in what Armstrong calls the " 'I'm not buying any of this crap' position" warm up and let themselves be amazed. His show is probably the most honestly titled show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2011. He does card tricks.  Great card tricks. And he is funny. Very funny. ... full review
KORA KAOS June 25, 2011
(Note: All my reviews are from my personal blog, I saw this show last year, which was very good, and I am friends with Jon, so I thought I would of course attend again. His shows were pretty much sold out, which is good- this has been a successful Fringe for him, and no wonder. I don't see how anyone could not like his show. Now, I am a magician of a “different” sort, but that doesn't mean we can't all get along. I have heard magicians of my sort defaming magicians of Jon's sort, but you know, I don't think we're really all that different. So I talk to demons and Jon works with cards- magic is merely an expression of will. He trained his will with cards, and his talent shows. I can't imagine the work he ... full review
MATT ALEXANDER certified reviewer June 13, 2011
Amazing set of card magic. Jon's style is friendly, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable. Good for all ages.... full review
KAT PRIMEAU certified reviewer June 19, 2011
I love magic, and Jon did not disappoint. Like a show straight out of the Magic Castle, he was genuinely funny and truly engaging. If you aren't lucky enough to get in to the Castle yourself, gather around his table for some close up slight of hand that will have you wondering, "what the...?" long after you leave.... full review


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