ENCORE WINNER: Willy's Lil Virgin Queen

solo performance · terra taylor knudson & olio theatre works · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States of America

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DAVID MEINKE certified reviewer June 19, 2017
This show is astounding, not only from an entertainment perspective but also from Terra's ability to tickle you, teach you, AND move you. She owns the stage from the first entrance, then masterfully draws the audience's attention, and holds it straight through to the end. She has written a show that is funny, insightful, touching, and simply awesome! I am personally not a Shakespeare fan, never have been. Yet her use of excerpts from his works blended beautifully with the story she was telling. Frankly, if I had experienced and enjoyed Shakespeare as much as I did at Terra's show, I may have become a fan of after all. Lastly, she talks about the journey she's made in discovering her voice as an actor and as a woman. Many of us in the ... full review
DEBBA ROFHEART certified reviewer June 21, 2017
Willy's Lil Virgin Queen is a tour de force by Terra Taylor Knudson. She is in full command of the material and herself, and gives the most engaging performance. For reals: I laughed, I cried. She is such a delight and completely charmed the audience. Had us eating out of her hand in a matter of minutes. Terra is a true master. ... full review
JP KARLIAK certified reviewer June 21, 2017
Astounding. I love Shakespeare, but even for those who have little affection for the Bard, Terra makes his works accessible, exciting, hilarious and DEEPLY personal. This is fangirling at its absolute best, as Terra's obsession is brought to life not only through many detailed facts, but also her very real passionate connection and life story interwoven throughout. She runs the gamut from giddy schoolgirl to gifted thespian that could tread the boards with any member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. This is not only a must see, it is a show that is worthy of multiple viewings.... full review
PAUL YEN certified reviewer June 22, 2017
I really enjoyed how much I learned about Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry, Richard, Edward, Richard, Henry, Richard... (something like that) in such a funny and fast-paced performance. Terra's performance was charming, charismatic, and funny. Her knowledge of Shakespeare is to be envied. The best part was you don't have to be a Shakespeare geek to appreciate this show. ... full review
CYANNE MCCLAIRIAN certified reviewer June 24, 2017
tagged as: shakespeare · solo artist
HUZZAH!! Mind-blowingly AMAZING!!! Terra is ingenious in how she weaves the words of the Bard into modern day talk... she makes it so incredibly accessible you honestly don't realize it's Shakespeare, thinking -- "yeah, that's just how we talk!" I laughed... I cried... I was blown away. Trust me when I say you do NOT want to miss this modern day Shakespearean Queen & her phenomenal story. Don't know much about Shakespeare? Not a problem! Intimidated by the charming Will? I dare you to come anyway! She will "Edutain" you & leave you in awe -- inspired. I would not be surprised if even William himself makes sure he has a front row seat every time she gets on stage to tell this story. Now GO! Get your tickets! You're welcome.. ;)... full review
ANNE JOHNSTONBROWN certified reviewer June 25, 2017
This piece is a brilliant amalgamation of Shakespeare and contemporary entertainment, performed by a very talented comedic actress whose transitions between the two genres are seamlessly hilarious. The jokes in this show aren't just funny; they succeed at triggering the types of "belly laughs" usually associated with stand-up comedy. The dramatic moments in the show do not feel contrived; they are so creatively woven into the script that we don't see them coming, making them more powerful to experience. It was a history lesson, as well as a lesson in life, and makes use of the poetry of Shakespeare in a most unique and witty way.... full review