Bump in the Night: Tales of Monsters & Fools

ensemble theatre · the paper mache company · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere
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MICHAEL RIZZO certified reviewer June 04, 2016
An interesting twist on the "ghost hunter" type of show -- solid cast and storyline... full review
MATTHEW ROBINSON certified reviewer June 05, 2016
tagged as: cool · creative · unique · female cast · introspective · funny
A unique and memorable experience. From the start you know this play will be different from most plays you've seen. With a solid cast and various compelling conflicts you'll want to know more and more about these ghost hunters.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 06, 2016
tagged as: drama · female cast
This show clearly had ambitions and the opening introduces a fun cast of characters. However, there is a heavy amount of exposition and explanation that takes over the storytelling.... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 06, 2016
It has a pretty good cast, and some funny and endearing moments, but the concept of storytelling through flashlights is not executed to its full potential. I went with another friend who was entirely immersed and engaged in the story throughout, so it's all a matter of opinion. For me, I was disengaging because the whole piece felt disengaged within itself, if that makes any sense. Overall, not bad.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2016
Being a 40min Fringe show - I can definitely see the potential in the growth of this piece into a full length performance. Incredible work by the actors in being able to shift and grateful for their honesty in those heavier scenes.... full review
PAUL ELLIOTT certified reviewer June 13, 2016
tagged as: interesting
A good premise by a writer who shows promise, but everything could have been explored in a less "on the nose" way. Telling the audience what they are supposed to get out of the piece at the end should not have been necessary... The audience should have wanted to discuss that among themselves after the play had ended... realizing how that title worked in the over-all concept. ... full review
CHELSEA SWITZER certified reviewer June 13, 2016
What a creative show! Having the audience be actively involved from the beginning is genius. The story is very well done and thought provoking. This could've been a silly scary show that relied on the gimmick, but it didn't. I love the all female cast, they did a wonderful job. Definitely looking forward to more work from this director. ... full review
CHRISTOPHER JENSEN certified reviewer June 13, 2016
Illuminatingly innovative audience participation literally spotlights vacuous post-reality show culture, while ultimately setting anchor in the safe, wholesome harbor of self-realization. ... full review
DAVID DICKERSON certified reviewer June 14, 2016
What an inventive show, based on a great concept! The conceit is that you're following the taping of a show about paranormal investigators, who have essentially sold out to maintain their plummeting ratings. This has forced each individual characters into difficult situations, and we follow them as the night progresses. First, love the idea of the flashlights being used instead of your typical theatre lighting. Definitely adds a sense of atmosphere, although part of me wishes they went further with the concept! Overall it's a solid cast, all women (represent, ladies!), some personalities being bigger than others, and thus more engaging. The play moved at a good speed, clocking in at about 40 minutes, plenty of time to squeeze into a busy Fri... full review
ERIK BLAIR certified reviewer June 05, 2016
If I watch Ghost Hunters or Destination Truth, I expect a show that purports to find monsters out in the wild. And that's what the five women in this show are trying to do as well--find a monster in the wilds of New Jersey. And as illuminated by you (and about 50 other people, all of whom have far too over-bright LED flashlights like you now) in the same theater, that's what this show starts as being about. Almost immediately, however, the show turns into something else. It turns out that every one of these women have other internal issues that they are dealing with that seem to be far more important than whatever external monsters might be out there. And the show then proceeds to deal with the things inside rather than anything outside. ... full review