Porn Rock: An Unintentional Comedy

ensemble theatre · the ichabod's cranium players · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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EDWARD GOODMAN certified reviewer June 17, 2016
There are some great performances, hilarious moments, and seriously disturbing bits as well. Not only do we experience the foolishness of governmental attempts to legislate behavior, we also get a good dose of the content these misguided mothers were attempting to address.... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 06, 2016
Lawrence Meyers’ script really should be shared with school students today to remind them about what it takes to protect their basic rights and how Americans cannot allow the government or any industry to attempt censorship, and how important it is to allow others to state a differing opinion without stooping to violence against them. Be and let be. Why is this always so impossible? PORN ROCK is for everyone who believes in free speech, for the rights of artists and citizens everywhere to speak their minds, and for those who just like a good laugh at the government’s expense. Come on smart producers – take this show on a national tour! ... full review
XZAVIER DARYL BRISTOL certified reviewer June 05, 2016
tagged as: important
Always good to have sad realities represented at a festival. The Pay What You Can feature offered by the production really made it extra special. It's a very generous gesture especially after all the effort made by all involved in the production. I did not want to rate the show, but a review can't be posted unless a rating is selected. It's a good solid show that should be seen by anyone interested in the subject matter. Ignore my rating and be your own judge, or just ask a local government office whether or not the content is appropriate for you..... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 06, 2016
While the show might not be so tight yet, it is hilarious, thought-provoking, and surprisingly endearing. The performances are great, and the script is well-written. Once the kinks are fixed, and the show tightens up, it will be a really strong production.... full review
LARRY BARBER certified reviewer June 06, 2016
A good, entertaining show that reminds us that the concept of freedom of speech is too large to fit inside little minds. This was a preview but the show ran smoothly, with good pacing and a cast comfortable with their roles in history. With very good guitar segues, scratchy and down-dirty--perfect thing to make Tipper Gore's skin crawl. ... full review
SARAH KELLY certified reviewer June 16, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed this show! Lots of fun.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 16, 2016
tagged as: Zappa · John Denver
The material in this show is 30 years old, yet still timely. Great history lesson!... full review
STACY ANN RAPOSA certified reviewer June 16, 2016
After a rehearsal for a show I was directing at Sacred Fools, I randomly met someone from the cast of this show and we got to talking. He started telling me about the premise and my interest was immediately piqued. It sounded right up my alley. As a teenager of the 80's whose very first concert experience was Motley Crue, I remembered all this happening. I remember being outraged. I remember seeing Tipper Gore as the enemy. I remembered fearing the government who wanted to take away artists' freedom of speech. I had to see for myself what this play was all about. I was not disappointed. The script by Lawrence Meyers (who turned out to be the brother of an old theatre-mate...small world) is largely taken from the actual transcripts of the ... full review
JULIA GRISWOLD certified reviewer June 16, 2016
Fans of rock and roll, comedy, the 80s, freedom of speech, freedom in general, contemporary(ish) history, and America should see this show!... full review
JEFF LAUB certified reviewer June 24, 2016
Fun, hilarious, and at times extremely poignant. An interesting slice of history that deals with issues that (unfortunately) remain relevant today.... full review