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Booze, Boys & Brownies; A Musical Journey

cabaret & variety · mannion productions · Ages 14+ · one person show · United States

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JODI SKERIS June 09, 2011
Veronica is sassy and smart in her new one woman show Booze, Boys & Brownies. I totally related to her experiences and laughed along the way. Go see this show!... full review
Veronica is absolutely wonderful! This show is a must-see!... full review
ROB PETCH June 10, 2011
Wow! Funny and insightful.... full review
JOSH HILLINGER June 10, 2011
Veronica is a force. In a fast hour, Veronica shares her raw humor, fantastic writing talents, her acting chops and her beautiful voice. Any real man will have a crush on Veronica after seeing her show "Booze, Boys and Brownies." Tender moments, outrageous characters, sweet stories, and plenty of lol'ing. I had heard good things and they all turned out to be true. PLUS free home-made brownies. This girl is clearly a catch. Great show.... full review
MAJD MURAD June 24, 2011
This was truly a fun and entertaining show. I normally hate "actor" stories, but this just happened to tickle my fancy. I was cracking up almost the entire time, from Veronica's quirky character to her fun selection of songs. I especially loved the costumes and videography. Very well-put-together. I recommend it!!!... full review
AARON KOZAK June 21, 2011
I saw in the big theatre at Asylum, and I found it to be quite enjoyable. It's a very personal view into the fresh off the boat actor's life in LA, which generally I would say is a bit cliche, but I think the lead actress pulled it off well. It's about the hardships of auditioning, dating, living, and being in Hollywood. The musical numbers are solid, even when they're obviously meant to be funny and there is a strip tease number that..well...lets just say I was pretty happy to be in the front row. It was damn sexy. Also, free brownies. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 23, 2011
Veronica Mannion is a drop dead gorgeous, fiery redhead with a killer voice. Her play uses a combination of monologues, songs and videos to tell the story of a young actress, who has just moved to Los Angeles in search of an acting career. While Mannion's acting is above board, it is her singing that really puts her over the top. I highly recommend this show for a great time.... full review

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