Bri Giger Presents Voicemails: Through my Red Eyes

solo performance · bri giger · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show

Bri Giger presents; “Through my Red Eyes.” A 1-woman show completely based off past and present Voicemails. As these voicemails continue to play through out the performance each character soliloquies through a beautiful 60-minute 1 woman show assisted with music, dance, song and soul rolled up the most blunt way possible. Bri plays 10 different characters with 10 different stories. You will laugh, cry, sing, scream and more. We highly recommend though easily offended please stay home for we wouldn’t want to offend those with “not so red eyes.”

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Production Team

bri giger *

writer, director, performer

steve brock *

production assistant

* Fringe Veteran